Casa das Máquinas

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Casa das Máquinas is a Brazilian rock band, formed in the 1970s.


The band was formed by Luiz Franco Thomaz, known as Netinho (baterista), member of the Os Incríveis who were looking for a sound that was less commercial and more up-to-date for their time. Their first album, Casa das Maquinas, was patterned after hard rock music while their next album, Lar de Maravilhas, adopted a more progressive style. Their third album, Casa de Rock, returned to their original style, going back to basic rock. After a near 30 years hiatus, the band decided to regroup.


Current members[edit]

  • Luiz Franco Thomaz (Netinho) - drums and percussion.
  • Mário Franco Thomaz (Marinho) - drums and vocals.
  • Andria Busic - Bass and lead vocals.
  • Faíska - Guitar.
  • Mário Testoni Jr. - organ, keyboard and piano.

Past members[edit]


  • 1974 - Casa das Máquinas
  • 1975 - Lar de Maravilhas
  • 1976 - Casa de Rock
  • 1978 - Ao Vivo em Santos (bootleg)
  • 2000 - Pérolas (collection)