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The Casablanca Metro, in Casablanca, Morocco, is a transport project dating from the 1970s that was designed to address the need for mass transport caused by the city's growth. Formally launched in the 1980s, the project has never been continued due to geographical reasons. A lot of alternatives were presented and accepted, like the combination of the Casablanca tramway and RER system, which is designed to offer coverage similar to the planned metro system.

The stations and transfers within the first Casablanca metroline

The entire metro system is still currently being projected, which when constructed will potentially offer some relief to the problems of traffic congestion and poor air quality. The metro will be ready approximately at the end of 2016, having a length of 10 km (6.21 mi) and costing 46.7 billion dirhams (approximately 5.8 billion USD). However, it should be noticed that none of the preparatory works for this project have started because of the realisation of a RER system within the Casablanca city and metropolitan area which resembles a metro (including a 10 km long tunnel).In September 2013, the municipality confirmed the news metro project and speaks of a long first airline 15 km 8 .