Casamance River

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the Casamance River at Ziguinchor.

The Casamance River /ˈkæzəˌmæns, ˈkæsə-/ flows westward for the most part into the Atlantic Ocean along a path about 200 miles (320 km) in length. However, only 80 miles (130 km) of it are navigable. The Casamance is the principal river of the Kolda, Sédhiou, and Ziguinchor Regions in the southern portion of Senegal between the Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. The three regions are also collectively known as Casamance after the river.

There is a ferry at Ziguinchor in Senegal, one of the most important towns on the river. Other important towns/villages on its banks include Goudomp, Sediou, Diattakounda, Tanae, and Kolda.

The next significant estuary to the south is the Farim River in Guinea-Bissau, and to the north, the River Gambia, namesake of the Gambia.


Coordinates: 12°33′22″N 16°45′44″W / 12.5561°N 16.7622°W / 12.5561; -16.7622