Casanova Wong

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Casanova Wong
Yong-ho Kim

1945 (age 73–74)
Other namesKa Sat Fat (卡薩伐; Chinese stage name)
Occupationactor, producer

Casanova Wong, also known as Ka Sat Fat (卡薩伐), is a former Korean martial arts actor born in 1945 as Yong-ho Kim in Gimje, South Korea. An expert in tae kwon do,[1] he is a leg-fighter,[2] and is well known for his spin kicks and was nicknamed "The Human Tornado" in the Republic of Korea Army. He made many appearances in martial arts movies but is most remembered for his role as Cashier Hua in Warriors Two, where he starred alongside Sammo Hung, with whom he worked several times.[2][3] Other films included Story of Drunken Master and Rivals of the Silver Fox. One of Wong's last notable movie appearances was as Kang-ho in the 1994 Korean movie Bloody Mafia.

He is now a movie producer in Asia.



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