Cascades de Karfiguéla

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Cascades de Banfora
Cascades de Banfora Burkina Faso.JPG
The Cascades de Karfiguéla
LocationKarfiguéla, Burkina Faso
Coordinates10°43′20″N 4°49′16″W / 10.722278°N 4.821°W / 10.722278; -4.821 (Cascades de Banfora)Coordinates: 10°43′20″N 4°49′16″W / 10.722278°N 4.821°W / 10.722278; -4.821 (Cascades de Banfora)
WatercourseKomoé River

The Cascades de Karfiguéla or the Banfora Cascades (also Karfiguela Falls, Tagbaladougou Falls, or Banfora Falls) are a series of waterfalls along the Komoé River in Southwestern Burkina Faso.[1] They are located about 12 km northwest of Banfora and constitute one of the most important tourism sites in Burkina Faso.[2][3] The Cascades Region gets its name from the waterfalls. The flow of the falls peaks during the rainy season from June to September.[4]


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