Casco Bay Brewing Co.

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Casco Bay Brewing Co.
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1994
Headquarters Portland, ME
United States
Products Beer
Production output
11,000 bbls a year
Owner Shipyard Brewing Company

Casco Bay Brewing Co. was a brewery in Portland, Maine, USA. In 2008, Casco Bay was acquired by Shipyard Brewing Company and became a Shipyard brand.


The brewery was founded by Bob Wade and Mike Lacharite in 1994. Today Casco Bay distributes beer throughout New England under its own brand as well as the Carrabassett brand. The brewery had a capacity of 11,000 bbls a year. As of 2008, Casco Bay has been acquired by Shipyard Brewing Company and is now brewed and bottled in their facility near the Portland waterfront.

Casco Bay uses two-row malted barley and a variety of other specialty malts. The brewery also utilizes grains from Germany, England, Belgium, Canada and the United States to adjust the flavor, color and mouthfeel of its brews. It imports hops from Germany for its Pilsner and utilizes hops from the Pacific Northwest of the United States for the rest of its brews. The ale yeast is an American strain, while lager yeast is imported from Germany.

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