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Casco Viejo/Zazpi Kaleak Station
Bilbao - Metro, estación de Casco Viejo 1.jpg
Location 3, San Nicolás Square
Coordinates 43°15′36″N 2°55′19″W / 43.26000°N 2.92194°W / 43.26000; -2.92194Coordinates: 43°15′36″N 2°55′19″W / 43.26000°N 2.92194°W / 43.26000; -2.92194
Line(s) Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 (Metro Bilbao)
Line 4 (EuskoTren)
Platforms 4 high-level platforms
Tracks 4
Connections EuskoTran: EuskotranA.PNG Line A
Structure type Underground
Parking Yes

Casco Viejo Station, also known as Zazpi Kaleak Station, is a railway station located in the historical neighborhood of Casco Viejo, in the district of Ibaiondo, Bilbao. It serves the commuter rail services of EuskoTren and rapid transit system of Metro Bilbao. It also has a long-distance connection with Bilbao's Tramway.

Services and connections[edit]

Commuter rail[edit]

The station for the commuter rail services of EuskoTren is located in the upper floor, under the name "Zazpi Kaleak Station" (Basque for Seven Streets Station). Currently, the Line 4 of EuskoTren has this station as its terminus station. Line 4 connects the center of Bilbao with the Txorierri area, both in the Greater Bilbao region. This stations is connected through this line with Sondika, Derio and Lezama, among other municipalities. There are trains every 30 minutes in rush hours.[1]

The Line 4 of EuskoTren used to begin in Deusto, and then go through the University of Deusto, Uribarri, Matiko and other neighborhoods inside Bilbao before reaching Casco Viejo Station. When the works for the Line 3 of Metro Bilbao began, the mentioned stations were closed and replaced by a special bus line, which was eventually closed as well. Currently, passengers from the Line A of EuskoTran can interchange the services (from tramway to train) for free.

  EuskoTren Euskotren Trena Logo.svg  
Terminus   Line 1 Line 4   Loruri - Ciudad Jardín
toward Lezama
  Former services  
toward Deusto
  Line 4 Line 4   Ola
toward Lezama

Metro Bilbao[edit]

Metro Bilbao's station, named "Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo" was opened in November, 1995 and was the first south terminus station of the whole network. The station is underground and located under the EuskoTren station, near Unamuno Square. Currently, it serves for Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 of the network.

Preceding station   Metro Bilbao   Following station
toward Plentzia or Bidezabal
Line 1
toward Etxebarri
toward Santurtzi
Line 2
toward Basauri
Line 3


Casco Viejo station is 350 meters away from the tramway station Arriaga, in the EuskotranA.PNG Line A of EuskoTran. There is a free transfer for passengers from the tramway to Line 4 (EuskoTren). This does not apply for Metro Bilbao.


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