Case STX Steiger

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STX Steiger
Manufacturer Case IH
Production 2000-present
Body and chassis
Class Tractor

The Case STX Steiger is a tractorline built by Case IH. This line continues the models built by Steiger Tractor, which was purchased by Case IH in 1986.

The tractors are built in Case IH's plant in Fargo, North Dakota, where already 50,000 units of this line were built.

This tractor line is powered by engines with 368 hp (274 kW) to 589 hp (439 kW). They are available with Quadtracs or tires and are also available from New Holland as model TJ or T9000.

In 2007, the STX500 Quadtrac tractor was featured on the television series Top Gear,[1] where presenter Richard Hammond chose the STX Steiger for some of the challenges, (eventually including ploughing.) It was lapped around the Top Gear Test Track by The Stig, finishing in a time of 4:49.1,[2] which is the slowest lap ever round the track.[3] In 2005 that model of tractor broke the 24-hour ploughing World Record,[4] turning 792 acres (3.21 km2) of farmland in just 24 hours.[5]


Case STX tractor pulling a large seed drill combination


Case IH Steiger 435 wheeled tractor
  • STX325 Accusteer
  • STX375 Quadtrac
  • STX380 Quadtrac
  • STX440 Quadtrac
  • STX450 Quadtrac
  • STX480 Quadtrac
  • STX500 Quadtrac
  • STX530 Quadtrac
  • STX535 Quadtrac
  • STX600 Quadtracks


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