Casey House (Toronto)

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Casey House
Casey House buildings 1.jpg
Casey House seen from Isabella Street
Casey House (Toronto) is located in Toronto
Casey House (Toronto)
Location in Toronto
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 43°40′09″N 79°22′41″W / 43.6691°N 79.3781°W / 43.6691; -79.3781Coordinates: 43°40′09″N 79°22′41″W / 43.6691°N 79.3781°W / 43.6691; -79.3781
Funding Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Private and Corporate Donations (Casey House Foundation)
Hospital type Specialist
Beds 13
Speciality HIV AIDS hospice and hospital
Founded 1988
Lists Hospitals in Canada

Casey House is a hospital in Toronto, Canada that specializes in HIV/AIDS care and also provides home care and outreach programs. It is located in the downtown area, at the corner of Isabella and Huntley streets. When it was founded in 1988, it was the first specialized facility of its kind in Canada.[1] It is named after Casey Frayne, whose mother June Callwood was one of the principal volunteers whose efforts brought about the founding of the hospital.[2] 1 in 120 adult Torontonians is HIV-positive.[3][4]


When Casey House opened in 1988, its founders expected that a cure for the disease would be found so that it would not be needed into the 21st century.[5] Instead, HIV became more treatable but not curable, so that more care is needed and more can be provided. The building has been transformed from a hospice to a hospital.[5]

Expansion plans[edit]

In 2000, the hospital acquired the 1875 William R. Johnston house that fronts onto Jarvis Street,[6] and plans to restore it[5] and to build a four-storey health care facility at the rear. The 1889 coach house at the southwest corner of Huntley and Isabella Streets is scheduled to be demolished to make way for the addition.[7]

Casey House is planning a redevelopment of its facility that will allow it to more than double its care capacity to cope with the increased need.[8]

Casey House will construct a new, award-winning [9] 50,000 square foot health care centre that will expand and improve upon its current capacity to provide advanced HIV/AIDS specialty health care services including the Inpatient Care Program, Home Care Program and Outreach Care Program.[8]

The new site, slated to open in the Fall of 2016,[10] will also allow for the introduction of a new Day Health Program, which will provide one-stop care and treatment for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, from the time they are infected through to the need for end-of-life care.[8]