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Casey Brandon Hubble, is an Americana/Country singer-songwriter based out of Austin, Texas.[1] He was born on November 15, 1987 in San Antonio, Texas and has been publicly showcasing his music around Texas since 2002. Hubble is currently unsigned by a major label.

While earning a degree in advertising from The University of Texas, Hubble was a member of the Texas Cheerleading team and was a co-host/intern on a radio talk show, The Bucky and Bob Show, broadcast on KVET 98.1 FM.[2] While in college, Hubble often spent his weekends sound engineering and record producing in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The Casey Hubble Band[edit]

After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin [3] in 2010, Hubble has become a regular at live music venues across Texas. The Casey Hubble Band was formed in 2009 after Casey's initial attempt at forming a band called "Common Complaint" went awry. Casey's younger brother, Joey Hubble (21), currently plays bass in the band. Daniel Hinojosa (28), plays drums. The trio travels around Texas playing in venues of all sizes and regularly invites musician friends to join them on stage. In Austin, the group regularly appears at The Saxon Pub.

Within their first year of playing together, the act played a satellite show of South by Southwest [4] Music Festival. In 2010, they were invited to play at three separate Livestrong [5] benefits, in and around Austin which benefitted cancer research.


In 2005, Hubble released an acoustic album entitled "Blast Away" which was distributed by CD Baby,[6] Hastings Entertainment,[7] iTunes,[8] and local retailers in the Texas Hill Country.[9] Hubble discontinued the distribution of this album in 2010 for undisclosed reasons. He replaced "Blast Away" with the release of his self-titled, full band album "Casey Hubble." This album is now available on iTunes, Waterloo Records,[10] CD Baby, and on Hubble's personal website,

Hubble's 2011 project, "Bipolar Six String," is currently being recorded in Fredericksburg, Texas. The project's executive producer [11] is Hubble himself. The album is being co-produced and engineered by Leonard Aguirre Jr., and Patrick Keating (owner of Little 'd' Art Ranch and Dust Bunny Studio in Fredericksburg, Texas). A release date is expected to be announced by February, 2011.

Mike Blakely, who co-authored "A Tale Out Of Luck" with Willie Nelson [12] in 2008, featured Casey as a background vocalist on his album "Homemade Serenade." Hubble also helped sound engineer the album.


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In Fall 2010, The Daily Texan [13] categorized Casey Hubble in the No. 2 position for "Best Local Band in Austin" along with The Marmalakes and Quiet Company.[14] The number one slot was shared by Ghostland Observatory [15] and Spoon.[16]


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