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Casey Spooner photographed by Emil Cohen

Casey Spooner (born February 2, 1970) is an American artist and musician.


While attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago he met Warren Fischer. The two went on to cofound Fischerspooner in New York City in 1998, in which he writes the songs and performs vocals.

Spooner has submitted works for Deitch Projects and an album by R.E.M. A promotion for Fischerspooner's second album included an art Salon/Art Exhibition of all the images used in making of the album, this has since been linked to Warhol.[1]

Solo work[edit]

Spooner has contributed and worked on shows with Doorika, a performance arts collective based in Chicago and New York City.

Casey joined experimental New York performance ensemble The Wooster Group in 2007, taking on the role of Ophelia's brother Laertes in their production of Hamlet (which featured two Fischerspooner songs that were composed for the show). During this time, he also began work on a third Fischerspooner album (with Warren Fischer).[2] Entertainment was released in North America via the band's own label FS Studios on May 4, 2009, produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Black Keys, The Sounds). An American and European Tour, known as Between Worlds, continued all through 2009. Like in other Fischerspooner's performances, Spooner was the main figure of the show.

In January 2010, Spooner distributed online his first solo work, the song "Faye Dunaway", as a preview of a 2010 solo album entitled Adult Contemporary. The album, according to words by Spooner on Twitter, was recorded directly after finishing Entertainment, and was scheduled for release in 2010.

He served as the opening act for Scissor Sisters on their North American tour. This was possible thanks to the funding provided by his fans through Kickstarter, the crowdfunding online platform.[3]

"God Control" writing credit[edit]

In November 2019, Spooner revealed that he had worked with the French music producer Mirwais and that they had worked together on a song which Mirwais had originated and to which Spooner contributed; this was said to be for Mirwais's album which was later shelved. This song was not released.

At a later date, Mirwais brought his idea to his friend and collaborator, the American singer Madonna, who, like Spooner, wrote lyrics and provided additional contributions. Mirwais's song was included on Madonna's 2019 album Madame X under the title "God Control". Spooner said that he was unaware that this had happened until he found out that the song had been released and listened to the song and that Mirwais neglected to tell Madonna that Spooner had worked on the song. Mirwais got in touch with Spooner and countered that he indeed told Madonna that Mirwais and Spooner had worked together. Madonna said through a representative that Mirwais did not tell her about Spooner's contributions. Spooner posted a demo of what became "God Cotrol on his Instagram as evidence that Madonna released the song without crediting or paying Spooner. Spooner says he is now (November 2019) seeking monetary compensation; 1% of profits from Madonna's concert tour as he believes there is [no longer] "any money from record sales". Spooner says he is dissatisfied with Madonna's representatives' counteroffer as he believes it is too little. If Spooner does eventually accept Madonna's representatives' terms, a writing credit in his name would be added. He says because he contributed that under French copyright law (Mirwais is French and as previously stated, he originated the song; as well, Spooner lives in France), and was not aware of the song's release, the song should "not exist" and that Spooner could conceivably obtain an injunction in a French court to stop further distribution of "God Control", although he himself admitted that a court might be hesitant to give Spooner an injunction due to who the other parties are.[4][5][6][7]

Early and personal life[edit]

He was born in Athens, Georgia attended the University of Georgia. He resides in Paris, France. Spooner is openly gay.[8]


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