Cashin' In

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Cashin' In
Starring Terry Keenan (as host, 2002-2009)
Cheryl Casone (as host, 2009-2013)
Eric Bolling (as host, 2013 - present)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes Unknown
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Fox News Channel
Original release 2002 – present

Cashin' In is an American business analysis program, the fourth and last show of the The Cost of Freedom business block, on Saturdays at 11:30 am ET on the Fox News Channel. Eric Bolling took over hosting duties in January 2013. The show was originally hosted by FNC senior business correspondent Terry Keenan until her departure from the network September 2009. Cheryl Casone hosted from September 2009 until January 2013.

After taking over the hosting duties, Bolling announced a new direction for Cashin' In: "While we work hard, pay our taxes and just try to make ends meet, law makers from DC to state houses across America are "Cashin' In". We will use this show as a megaphone, calling out Washington for the waste, fraud and abuse of our tax dollars." Bolling delivered this new show message at the end of the 1/26/13 show.


  • Stock Smarts: The opening of the show starts with a debate over what is going to possibly happen in the next week in the stock market, based on headlines and history, and how it will affect one's bottom line.
  • Best Bets: "Best Bets" opens the floor to the panelists to choose any number of stocks which they believe could go up and "make you money".
  • Stock of the Week: The "Stock of the Week" is the choice that the panel believes will "take off in the next five trading days."
  • Money Mail: The closing of the show usually ends with a segment dedicated to the e-mails sent into the show, asking about stocks people own or if a specific stock is worth buying or avoiding.

Cashin' In Challenge[edit]

Every year the show has been on the air, a "Cashin' In Challenge" between the regular panelists has been held. The Challenge's rules are:

  • Each player has $10,000 in play money
  • Each player can hold as much cash as they like
  • Each portfolio can have up to five different securities
  • Each stock and bond transaction will carry a $15 brokerage fee
  • There will be no transaction fee for funds, but loads and expenses will apply

For the last three years of the contest, Dagen McDowell (who is not a professional money manager, unlike her counterparts) has come up on top of all the others in the end.

Regular panelists[edit]

Current panelist regulars[edit]

Former regular panelists[edit]

Frequent guest panelists[edit]

  • Christian Dorsey, Economist, member of the Economic Policy Institute
  • Stuart Varney, Fox News economic journalist and Fox Business Network anchor
  • Charlie Gasparino, Author, Journalist, and senior correspondent for the Fox Business Network
  • Melissa Francis, Fox News economic journalist and Fox Business Network anchor and occasional fill-in host panelist

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