Cashville Takeover

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Cashville Takeover
Mixtape by Ca$hville Records
Released February 3, 2009
Genre Hip hop
Label Ca$hville Records
Ca$hville Records chronology
Cashville Takeover
Welcome 2 Cashville

Cashville Takeover is a mixtape by rapper's Young Buck, C-Bo, The Outlawz & $o$a Da Plug, Hosted by DJ Rip. This was the first mixtape released with all the Ca$hville roster on one disc together. The mixtape features exclusive tracks and freestyles from Ca$hville Records with appearances by Snoop Dogg, All Star Cashville Prince, Yo Gotti, and more. It was released for digital download and sale on iTunes on February 3, 2009.[1][2]

Track list[edit]


No. Title Performed By: Length
1. "Cashville Takeover" (Intro) DJ Rip 1:51
2. "Money On My Mind" (featuring All Star Cashville Prince, The Outlawz & $o$a Da Plug) Young Buck 4:42
3. "My Interview" Young Buck 4:07
4. "Cashville Drop" DJ Rip 0:29
5. "Fucks With Me" (featuring The Outlawz & $o$a Da Plug) Young Buck 3:21
6. "It’s Not Ok" (50 Cent Diss) Young Buck 3:46
7. "Hot 97 Interview" 50 Cent 1:28
8. "Only Life I Know" The Outlawz 3:45
9. "Dopeman Bitch" (featuring All Star, $o$a Da Plug & 615) Young Buck 3:17
10. "Money Rite" (featuring All Star & $o$a Da Plug) Young Buck 4:32
11. "Cashville Drop" DJ Rip 0:29
12. "Driving Down The Freeway (G-Mix)" (featuring The Outlawz, Snoop Dogg & Stormey) Young Buck 5:44
13. "HBI Fuckin Exclusive Drop" DJ Rip 0:32
14. "We Outta Here" (featuring The Outlawz & $o$a Da Plug) Young Buck 4:56
15. "Lookin For Some Hoes" (featuring $o$a Da Plug) Young Buck 4:25
16. "Real Niggaz" (featuring Stormey) The Outlawz 5:04
17. "Jays On My Feet" C-Bo 3:59
18. "Cashville Drop" DJ Rip 0:29
19. "Kill Me A Nigga" Young Buck 3:56
20. "Real As It Gets" (featuring Stormey) The Outlawz 4:18
21. "Re-Up" (featuring $o$a Da Plug) Young Buck 3:19
22. "Godz Plan" (featuring The Outlawz) Young Buck 2:55
23. "Cashville Drop" DJ Rip 0:29
24. "Grind Head" (featuring Yo Gotti & Young Buck) All Star 5:02
25. "Sirius Radio Interview" Young Buck 18:01
26. "We Want It" (featuring Stormey) The Outlawz 4:20
27. "Cashville Takeover" (Outro) DJ Rip 1:51