Casino Classics

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Casino Classics
Casino Classics (Saint Etienne album).jpg
Remix album by Saint Etienne
Released 1996
Recorded 1990–1996
Genre House, indie pop
Length 125:47
Label Heavenly RecordsHVNLP 16
Producer Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne chronology
Too Young to Die – Singles 1990–1995
Casino Classics
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Casino Classics is a multi-CD remix compilation album by Saint Etienne. The first CD collects many of the remixes featured as B-sides on the band's singles from 1990 to 1995. The second contains rarer remixes (such as Underworld's remix of "Cool Kids of Death") and newly commissioned remixes. Disc one was originally a bonus CD released with limited copies of Too Young to Die - The Singles. Disc two features four previously unavailable songs. Early copies came in a card slipcase with a round sticker. An expanded, four-disc version of the compilation was released in 2012 with a revised running order. The band also released a fifth disc as a download-only extra.[1]

The release is notable for collecting remixes in a variety of styles by many major artists, some of whom were then at early stages in their careers, including The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Andrew Weatherall, David Holmes (with Jagz Kooner) and Death in Vegas.

Some of the tracks on Casino Classics are remixes of songs that had not actually been released in their original form. "The Sea" (here called "Down by the Sea") and "Sometimes in Winter" would later be released in their original forms on the Japan-only album Continental the following year. "Angel" and "Burnt Out Car" did not appear in their original versions until the fan club compilation Nice Price, released in 2006.

Promotional CDs preceded the album's release. "Angel" (Way Out West mix) and "Burnt Out Car" (Balearico mix), were released as a double A-side. "Burnt Out Car" was later included on greatest hits releases, including Smash the System: Singles 1990–99.

Track listings[edit]

CD: Heavenly / HVN LP 16 CD[edit]

CD One
No. Title Writer(s) Remixer Length
1. "Like a Motorway" (Chekhov Warp Dub) Stanley, Wiggs The Chemical Brothers 9:11
2. "Join Our Club" (Chemically Friendly Zoom Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Billy Nasty 6:42
3. "Pale Movie" (Secret Knowledge Trouser Assassin Mix) Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs Secret Knowledge 10:12
4. "Speedwell" (Flying Mix) Stanley, Wiggs The Aloof 6:08
5. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (A Mix of Two Halves) (Featuring Moira Lambert) Young Andrew Weatherall 8:48
6. "Who Do You Think You Are" (Quex-Rd) Dyer, Scott Aphex Twin 8:04
7. "Avenue" (Variety Club Mix) Catt, Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs Gordon King 6:20
8. "Hug My Soul" (Sure Is Pure Kodacolor House Mix) Batson, Cracknell, Male Sure Is Pure 8:41
9. "Like a Motorway" (David Holmes Mix) Stanley, Wiggs David Holmes 12:59
CD Two
No. Title Writer(s) Remixer Length
1. "Angel" (Way Out West Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Way Out West 6:35
2. "Filthy" (Monkey Mafia Mix) (Featuring Q-Tee) Mais, Stanley, Wiggs Monkey Mafia 5:54
3. "People Get Real" (Death in Vegas Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Death in Vegas 7:20
4. "Nothing Can Stop Us" (Lionrock Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Lionrock 5:45
5. "Sometimes in Winter" (Psychonauts Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Psychonauts 4:17
6. "The Sea" (PFM Mix) Stanley, Wiggs PFM 9:35
7. "Burnt Out Car" (Balearico Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Balearico 4:18
8. "He's on the Phone" (Naked Bungee Dub) (Featuring Etienne Daho) Cracknell, Daho, Stanley, Wiggs Primax 6:01
9. "Cool Kids of Death" (Underworld Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Underworld 14:30
10. "Angel" (Broadcast Mix) Stanley, Wiggs Broadcast 4:17
  • The CD sleeve does not list the titles of the mixes as given on their original release but instead simply credits each to the remixer. The original titles are listed here.

LP: Heavenly / HVN LP 16[edit]

CD: Heavenly / HVNLP 16CDRP1[edit]

  • UK promo to promote Casino Classics. The disc was only available from the band's fan club.

CD: Heavenly / HVNLP16CDDEX[edit]

  • Released in 2012 in 2xCD and 4xCD versions.
CD one
No. Title Remixer Length
1. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (A Mix Of Two Halves) Andrew Weatherall 9:01
2. "Like A Motorway" (Chekhov Warp Dub) The Chemical Brothers 9:11
3. "Kiss And Make Up" (Midsummer Madness Mix) Pete Heller 7:47
4. "Speedwell" (Flying Mix) The Aloof 5:55
5. "Filthy" (Monkey Mafia Vocal Mix) Monkey Mafia 5:54
6. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (Masters At Work Dub) Masters At Work 7:39
7. "Avenue" (Variety Club Mix) Gordon King, The "Natural" Pete Smith 6:21
8. "Who Do You Think You Are" (Quex-Rd) Aphex Twin 8:05
9. "Cool Kids Of Death" (Underworld Mix) Underworld 10:27
10. "Hug My Soul" (Sure Is Pure - Kodacolour House Mix) Sure is Pure 8:01
CD two
No. Title Remixer Length
1. "Like A Motorway" (The David Holmes Mix) David Holmes 12:58
2. "He's On The Phone" (Motiv 8 Mix) Motiv 8 6:26
3. "The Sea" (PFM Mix) PFM 4:50
4. "Angel" (Broadcast Mix) Broadcast 4:18
5. "Sylvie" (Faze Action Friday Night Boiler Mix) Faze Action 10:06
6. "How We Used To Live" (Paul Van Dyk Mix) Paul Van Dyk 8:44
7. "Boy Is Crying" (Hybrid Vocal Mix) Hybrid 6:29
8. "Action" (DJ Tiësto Mix) DJ Tiësto 6:50
9. "Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)" (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix) Two Lone Swordsmen 3:39
10. "Burnt Out Car" (Mark Brown Remix Extended Mix) Mark Brown 7:27
11. "Method Of Modern Love" (Richard X Join Our Clique Remix) Richard X 6:00
CD three
No. Title Remixer Length
1. "Nothing Can Stop Us" (Masters At Work Dub) Masters at Work 5:14
2. "People Get Real" (Death In Vegas Mix) Death In Vegas 7:20
3. "Nothing Can Stop Us" (Lionrock Mix) Lionrock 5:45
4. "Join Our Club" (Chemically Friendly Zoom Mix) Billy Nasty 6:42
5. "Who Do You Think You Are" (Strobelights & Platform Shoes Mix) Roger Sanchez 6:59
6. "Your Head My Voice" (Voix Revirement) Aphex Twin 4:11
7. "Like A Motorway" (Skin Up, You're Already Dead) Autechre 8:22
8. "Pale Movie" (Secret Knowledge Trouser Assassin Mix) Secret Knowledge 10:12
9. "Sometimes In Winter" (Psychonauts Mix) The Psychonauts 9:00
10. "He's On The Phone" (Bungee Dub Mix) Primax 6:01
11. "Angel" (Way Out West Mix) Way Out West 6:37
CD four
No. Title Remixer Length
1. "Burnt Out Car" (Balearico Mix) Balearico 4:18
2. "Sylvie" (Trouser Enthusiasts' Tintinnabulation Mix) Trouser Enthusiasts 8:04
3. "4.35 In The Morning" (Talkin' Blues Mix) Kid Loco 4:37
4. "Foto Stat" (Bronx Dogs Mix) Bronx Dogs 7:19
5. "Uri Geller Bent My Boyfriend" (Add N To X Mix) Add N to (X) 6:08
6. "Lose That Girl" (Trouser Enthusiast Mix) Trouser Enthusiasts 8:14
7. "How We Used To Live" (Aim Mix) Aim 4:27
8. "Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)" (Bridge And Tunnel Mix) Bridge And Tunnel 5:44
9. "Northwestern" (Si Cut DB Mix) Douglas Benford 5:40
10. "Action" (Laub Mix) Laub 4:27
11. "Soft Like Me" (K.O.W. Radiophonic Rework) King of Woolworths 5:40
12. "Method Of Modern Love" (Cola Boy Mix) Cola Boy 6:38
Bonus Downloads
No. Title Remixer Length
1. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" (Kenlou B-Boy Mix) Masters At Work 6:55
2. "Join Our Club" (Le Hammond Inferno Remix) Le Hammond Inferno 5:30
3. "Avenue" (Martial Mix) A.R. Kane 6:30
4. "Hug My Soul" (Motiv-8 Blackpool Mix) Motiv-8 6:42
5. "Sylvie" (Stretch 'n' Vern Mix) Stretch 'n' Vern 9:12
6. "Mr Donut" (Melody Belleville Mix) Kid Loco 4:52
7. "Saturday" (Fugu Mix) Fugu 3:22
8. "How We Used To Live" (Dot Allison Remix) Dot Allison 5:57
9. "Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)" (Cardiac Vocal Mix) Futureshock 8:54
10. "Action" (DJ Tiesto Instrumental Mix) DJ Tiësto 6:53
11. "Soft Like Me" (Mr Joshua Mix) Mr. Joshua 4:03
12. "Stars Above Us" (Eric Kupper Radio Mix) Eric Kupper 3:43
13. "Burnt Out Car" (Xenomania Mix) Xenomania 3:39