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The Casluhim or Casluhites (Hebrew: כסלחים‎‎) were an ancient Egyptian people mentioned in the Bible and related literature. According to Genesis 10:14 and 1 Chronicles 1:12, they were descendants of Mizraim (Egypt) son of Ham, out of whom originated the Philistines.

The Egyptian form of their name is preserved in the inscriptions of the Temple of Kom Ombo as the region name Kasluḥet.[1] Tradition preserved by Saadia Gaon placed the land of the Casluhim in the northern Sa'id region (not to be confused with Port Said).[2] In the Aramaic Targums their region is called Pentpolitai understood to be derived from the Greek Pentapolis which more precisely locates the area as the northwest.[2] Another name for their region is Pekosim used in Bereshit Rabbah 37.[2]

Josephus mentions the Casluhim in his Jewish Antiquities I, vi, 2 as one of the Egyptian peoples whose cities were destroyed during the Ethiopic War and who thus disappeared from history.


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