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Developer(s) Sveriges Television
Initial release 2006
Stable release
2.07 (Server) 2.07 (Client) / 11 Dec 2014
Written in C++, C#, ActionScript
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Video Playout/Broadcasting Software
License GNU General Public License v3

CasparCG is a free and open source[1] playout server and various clients. It supports the real-time playout of mixed live and recorded audio- and video-input as well as data-driven templates. CasparCG has been designed for 24/7 delivery of high quality live television broadcasts.


  • Server: a command line server that takes care of the processing
  • Client: a windows application that allows to control the actions of the server
  • ActionScript 3 Framework: a framework to write new controller clients for the server
  • Air Demo Client: a demonstration client for the framework

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