Casper & the Cookies

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Casper & the Cookies
OriginAthens, GA, USA
GenresRock, power pop, new wave
Years active1998 (1998)–present
LabelsWild Kindness Records, Happy Happy Birthday To Me, People In A Position To Know, Waikiki Records (Japan)
Associated actsOf Montreal, The Glands, The Goons
MembersJason NeSmith
Kay Stanton
Gregory Sanders
AJ Griffin
Past membersChristo Harris
Ben Spraker
Kenny Howes
Phil Stockman
Paul Walker
Tim Schreiber
Suzanne Allison
Bryan Poole (aka The Late BP Helium)
Peter Alvanos
Jason Gonzales
Davy Gibbs
Joe Rowe
Jim Hicks

Casper & the Cookies is an American rock and pop band from Athens, Georgia.


Multi-instrumentalist and singer Jason NeSmith (pronounced "KNEE-smith," no relation to Michael Nesmith of the Monkees),[1][2] began using the pseudonym Casper Fandango in 1996 as a moniker for his solo four-track recordings. NeSmith was given the name by fellow Atlanta musician David Dault while playing together in the band Feyerabend[3]

Casper & the Cookies released two DIY cassettes in the late 1990s, originally as Casper Fandango & the Knees and subsequently Casper Fandango & His Tiny Sick Tears.

The Cookies came into existence in 1998 as NeSmith’s live band. They have three CDs released on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, Oh! (2004), The Optimist’s Club (2006), and Modern Silence (2009).[3] After many lineup changes the band consists of NeSmith, Kay Stanton, Davy Gibbs, and AJ Griffin.[4]

NeSmith was a member of Of Montreal for the Satanic Panic In the Attic tour of 2004 and some of the Sunlandic Twins tour of 2005, eventually leaving to focus on his own band.[5] (Kay and Jason are also in Supercluster, the side project of Vanessa Briscoe Hay of Pylon.) NeSmith has also been a member of Kenny Howes & the Yeah!, Orange Hat, The Visitations, The Late BP Helium and The Sunshine Fix. He also owns and operates a commercial recording facility, Bel*Air Studio.[4]

Casper & the Cookies served as the backing band for Daniel Johnston at the 2007 Athens Pop Fest. Also in 2007, The Cookies went on a nationwide tour supporting The Apples In Stereo.[6]


Jason NeSmith (aka Casper Fandango), Kay Stanton, Davy Gibbs, AJ Griffin

Past members: Christo Harris, Ben Spraker, Kenny Howes, Phil Stockman, Paul Walker, Tim Schreiber, Suzanne Allison, Bryan Poole (aka The Late BP Helium), Peter Alvanos, Jason Gonzales, Gregory Sanders, Joe Rowe, Lucas Jensen, Jim Hicks,



  • Consumer (cassette; as Casper Fandango & the Knees) – Lookit Meee! – 1996
  • How’s Your Hand? (cassette; as Casper Fandango & His Tiny Sick Tears) – Lookit Meee! – 1997
  • How’s Your Hand? (CD; as Casper Fandango & His Tiny Sick Tears) Lookit Meee! / AAJ – 2000
  • Oh! (CD) – Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records [HHBTM] / Waikiki Record – 2004/ 2005 (Japan)
  • The Optimist’s Club – (CD/LP) – HHBTM / People In A Position to Know {PIAPTK] – 2006 and Waikiki Record – 2008
  • Modern Silence – (CD/LP) – HHBTM / People In A Position to Know {PIAPTK] – 2009
  • Volatile and Erogenous: The Best of Casper & The Cookies – (CD) HHBTM / People In A Position to Know – 2011 (The album was given away for free on the Facebook page of the band and custom made by drummer Gregory Sanders) [7][8]
  • Ice Mattress – (digital only release) – Self-Released – 2011
  • Dingbats – (LP/CD/cassette) – Wild Kindness Records – 2014

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • The Band That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (CD-r) – Lookit Meee! – 2004
  • Overly Optimistic (CD-r) – HHBTM – 2006
  • 3 ½ Stars (CD-r) – HHBTM – 2007
  • "Power Stupid" (split with Keith John Adams) 8”  – PIAPTK – 2007
  • "Jennifer’s House" / “Huff” (split with Marbles) 7” – HHBTM – 2007
  • "Kiss Me Beneath the Christmas Tree" (digital only) – HHBTM – 2007


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