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The Casper 250/SOFAR is a civilian-developed "back pack" UAV made in co-operation by Top I Vision Ltd and WB Electronics Sp. z o.o. Both of these companies produce the aircraft on the same rights - WB Electronics in Poland as WB Electronics SOFAR and Top I Vision in Israel as Casper 250. It is designed as a reconnaissance platform with real-time data acquisition. The Casper 250 system consists of the aircraft, its payload, the ground controlling and data-link components.

The Casper 250 was designed for quick deployment and simple human-machine interface.


Typical military missions:

  • Battlefield surveillance
  • Target acquisition and designation
  • Battlefield monitoring
  • Air strike control
  • Border patrol
  • Coast guard surveillance
  • Damage assessment

The Casper 250 system can also be used for civilian or commercial application such as:

  • Pollution control at ground sea and air
  • Natural disasters monitoring
  • Forest fire monitoring and control
    • Fishery and navigation control
  • General installations security
  • Gas pipelines and Oil rigs security


  • Electric propulsion, providing for quiet, covert operation
  • Hand launched, self recovery, man-deployable
  • GPS navigation allows for fully autonomous missions
  • Service ceiling: 2000 feet
  • Operational Endurance 1.5 hours
  • Line of Sight data-link range > 10 km
  • Real time IMINT
  • Payload Control