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Title Release date Notes
The Friendly Ghost November 18, 1945

First short featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost. Released in the Noveltoons series. First cartoon directed by Izzy Sparber.

There's Good Boos To-Night April 25, 1948

Released in the Noveltoons series.

A Haunting We Will Go May 15, 1949

Released in the Noveltoons series. First cartoon directed by Seymour Kneitel.

Casper's Spree Under the Sea October 15, 1950

First officially released Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon. Only cartoon directed by Bill Tytla.

Once Upon a Rhyme December 17, 1950

A clip can be seen briefly in the 1995 film.

Boo Hoo Baby March 25, 1951
To Boo or Not to Boo June 17, 1951
Boo Scout July 22, 1951
Casper Comes to Clown August 19, 1951
Casper Takes a Bow-wow November 18, 1951
The Deep Boo Sea February 17, 1952
Ghost of the Town April 13, 1952 Features the voice of Ed Sullivan as Himself. A clip is used for Casper's trial in "Not Ghoulty"
Spunky Skunky May 25, 1952
Cage Fright August 10, 1952
True Boo October 12, 1952
Pig a Boo November 16, 1952
Frightday the Thirteenth February 15, 1953
Spook No Evil March 15, 1953
North Pal May 31, 1953
By the Old Mill Scream July 12, 1953
Little Boo Peep August 23, 1953
Do or Diet October 18, 1953

Features a farmer & Timothy Turkey from a previous cartoon short, The Voice of the Turkey.

Boos and Saddles December 27, 1953
Boo Moon January 10, 1954

Produced in 3D. Released on VHS along with Gandy Goose and Sourpuss in Dingbat Land, standalone HarveyToon Crazy Town, and Little Audrey in The Seapreme Court by United American Video.[1] Only cartoon both directed by Izzy Sparber and Seymour Kneitel.

Zero the Hero March 21, 1954
Casper Genie May 23, 1954
Puss 'n Boos July 11, 1954
Boos and Arrows October 17, 1954
Boo Ribbon Winner December 12, 1954
Hide and Shriek January 16, 1955

Spooky's debut, minus the derby.

Keep Your Grin Up March 13, 1955
Spooking with a Brogue May 29, 1955
Bull Fright July 17, 1955
Red, White and Boo October 23, 1955
Boo Kind to Animals December 25, 1955 A new opening theme song debuts.
Ground Hog Play February 12, 1956
Dutch Treat April 22, 1956
Penguin for Your Thoughts June 17, 1956
Line of Screammage August 19, 1956
Fright from Wrong November 4, 1956 First Appearance of The Ghostly Trio
Spooking About Africa January 19, 1957
Hooky Spooky March 16, 1957
Peekaboo May 26, 1957
Ghost of Honor July 14, 1957
Ice Scream August 18, 1957
Boo Bop November 17, 1957
Heir Restorer January 26, 1958

Final cartoon directed by Izzy Sparber.

Spook and Span February 23, 1958
Ghost Writers April 20, 1958

Scenes from Casper's Spree Under the Sea, Once Upon a Rhyme and To Boo or Not to Boo are shown in this episode. First cartoon with additional direction by Izzy Sparber. Only cartoon with additional direction by Bill Tytla.

Which is Witch May 25, 1958

Wendy the Good Little Witch makes her first & only appearance. Izzy Sparber gets a credit only (his final on-screen credit). Seymour Kneitel is uncredited.

Good Scream Fun September 14, 1958
Doing What's Fright January 17, 1959
Down to Mirth March 22, 1959
Not Ghoulty June 14, 1959 The Ghostly Trio decide to take Casper's powers away until he can actually scare someone. As the cartoon progresses, Casper constantly forgets he does not possess his powers, which angers those he tries to help. Eventually he does win one over on the trio and regain his powers. Note: Only time Casper is powerless.
Casper's Birthday Party July 26, 1959 Final cartoon with additional direction by Izzy Sparber.

Home media[edit]

Numerous Casper cartoons were released on home video by Universal Studios (via MCA Inc.). In 2011, Shout! Factory released a DVD set entitled Casper the Friendly Ghost: The Complete Collection - 1945-1963 which contains The Friendly Ghost, There's Good Boos To-Night, A Haunting We Will Go, all 55 theatrical cartoons, and all 26 episodes of The New Casper Cartoon Show.

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