Cass Lake (Michigan)

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Cass Lake
Cass Lake (Michigan) boats Wednesdays (514873849).jpg
Location Oakland County, Michigan
Coordinates 42°36′25″N 83°21′56″W / 42.6069°N 83.3656°W / 42.6069; -83.3656Coordinates: 42°36′25″N 83°21′56″W / 42.6069°N 83.3656°W / 42.6069; -83.3656
Basin countries United States
Surface area 1,280 acres (520 ha)
Max. depth 123 ft (37 m)
Surface elevation 928 feet (283 m)[1]
Settlements Waterford Township, West Bloomfield Township, Orchard Lake Village, Keego Harbor[2]

Cass Lake is on the main branch of the Clinton River.

Upstream from Cass Lake is 243-acre Loon Lake. Cass Lake also connects with 363-acre Elizabeth Lake.

Downstream from Cass Lake is the 532-acre Sylvan Lake.[3]

Cass Lake is the largest and deepest lake in Oakland County, and is in the northern Metro Detroit region of southeastern Michigan.[4]

Largest and deepest Oakland County lakes[edit]

The ten largest lakes in Oakland County are:

1. Cass Lake (Waterford Twp.) 1,280 acres

2. Kent Lake (Milford Twp.) 1,200 acres

3. Orchard Lake (West Bloomfield Twp.) 795 acres

4. Walled Lake (Commerce Twp.) 670 acres

5. Pontiac Lake (Waterford Twp) 640 acres

6. White Lake (White Lake Twp.) 540 acres

7. Sylvan Lake (Waterford Twp.) 532 acres

8. Lake Orion (Orion Twp.) 506 acres

9. Lake Angelus (Auburn Hills) 477 acres

10. Union Lake (Commerce Twp.) 465 acres

The ten deepest lakes in Oakland County are:[5]

1. Cass Lake (Waterford Twp. and West Bloomfield Twp.) 123 feet

2. Maceday Lake (Waterford Twp.) 117 feet

3t. Orchard Lake (West Bloomfield Twp.) 110 feet

3t. Union Lake (Commerce Twp.) 110 feet

5. Walnut Lake (West Bloomfield Twp.) 101 feet

6t. Van Norman Lake (Independence Twp. and Waterford Twp.) 90 feet

6t. Pine Lake (West Bloomfield Twp.) 90 feet

8. Lake Angelus (Auburn Hills) 88 feet

9t. Loon Lake (Waterford Twp.) 73 feet

9t. Silver Lake (Waterford Twp.) 73 feet


Cass Lake was named after former Michigan governor Lewis Cass.[6]


Cass Lake covers 1,280 acres (5 km²) and has a maximum depth of 123 ft (37 m).[4]

It is bordered by the cities, villages, and townships of Waterford Township, West Bloomfield Township, Orchard Lake Village, and Keego Harbor.


It is a popular public lake in the Metro Detroit region. The lake is home to the Pontiac Yacht Club.[4]

Dodge No. 4 State Park is located on northeastern Cass Lake, with access via West Bloomfield Township and Waterford Township.[7]

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