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Costa Rica
The Municipality of
Flag of Costa Rica
Location of Cassilândia
Location of Cassilândia
Coordinates: 19°06′46″S 51°44′02″W / 19.11278°S 51.73389°W / -19.11278; -51.73389Coordinates: 19°06′46″S 51°44′02″W / 19.11278°S 51.73389°W / -19.11278; -51.73389
Country  Brazil
Region Central-West
State  Mato Grosso do Sul
 • Mayor José Donizete (PT)
 • Total 3,649.83 km2 (2,267.899 sq mi)
Elevation 470 m (1.542 ft)
Population (2008/IBGE)
 • Total 21,546
 • Density 5.9/km2 (3.6/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-4 (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-3 (UTC-3)
Postal Code 59540-000
HDI (PNUD/2000) 0.775 – medium
Website Cassilândia, Mato Grosso do Sul

Cassilândia is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Its population was 21,491 (2013) and its area is 3,650 km².[1]


Cassilândia is located in the northeastern part of the state, in the border with Goiás State and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It has an international airport and two universities, a private and a state one. The city is known by its famous rodeo party which takes place in late July, early August.

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