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Cassius Fairchild (December 16, 1829 – October 24, 1868) was a Wisconsin businessman, politician, and military officer. Born in Franklin Mills, Ohio (now Kent, Ohio), Fairchild was educated mostly in Ohio. His father was Jairus C. Fairchild, who was the first Treasurer of Wisconsin and the first Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin. His brother was Lucius Fairchild, Governor of Wisconsin. He moved to Wisconsin and eventually managed his family's cranberry, lumber business interests, and rental properties. Fairchild was elected to the Madison, Wisconsin Common Council where he served as president. He also served in the Wisconsin State Assembly. At the time of the American Civil War, Fairchild enlisted in the Union Army as a lieutenant colonel in the 16th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and eventually attained the rank of colonel following the resignation of the regiment's commander.[1] Fairchild, who was brevetted Brigadier General after the war, had been badly wounded in the Battle of Shiloh and eventually died of related complications in 1868.[2][3]

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