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This article is about the history of the surname. For other uses, see Castañeda (disambiguation).
Family name
Pronunciation Spanish pronunciation: [kasta'ɲeða]
Meaning "chestnut forest"
Region of origin Spain, Portugal
Related names Castaneda

Castañeda or Castaneda is a Spanish surname.

The name's meaning is habitational, from any of various places in Santander, Asturias, and Salamanca, derived from castañeda, a collective of castaña "chestnut". The name is believed to be created by the fact that the bourgeois House of Castañeda was situated in a valley of chestnuts, thus meaning "Castle of the Chestnuts."

In non-Hispanic countries, the name is usually spelled Castaneda (without the tilde). In Portuguese, this name is spelled Castanheda.

The surname can be found primarily in Spain, Portugal and the Americas after the Spanish conquest of North and South America.

People with the surname[edit]