Casta diva (film)

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Casta Diva
Directed by Carmine Gallone
Produced by Giuseppe Amato
William Szekeley
Written by Walter Reisch
Starring Sandra Palmieri
Gualtiero Tumiati
Achille Majeroni
Cinematography Franz Planer
Massimo Terzano
Edited by Fernando Tropea
Distributed by Produzioni Atlas Consorziate (P.A.C.)
Release dates
14 June 1935 - France
10 August 1935 - Italy
19 September 1935 - Denmark
2 December 1935 - Portugal
4 October 1937 - USA
Running time
87 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Casta Diva is a 1935 Italian musical drama film, directed by Carmine Gallone. The film won Best Italian Film at the 1935 Venice International Film Festival. An English-language remake The Divine Spark was made, also directed by Gallone and starring Eggerth.


The film tells the passionate love story of a Gallican priestess and a Roman proconsul (governor of a province). Film is unique because it uses abstract paintings-in-motion to express the passion between the two main characters.


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