Castel Camponeschi

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Camponeschi Castle
Castel Camponeschi
Prata d'Ansidonia
Castel camponeschi prata d'ansidonia - panoramio.jpg
Castle in Prata d'Ansidonia
Camponeschi Castle is located in Italy
Camponeschi Castle
Camponeschi Castle
Site history
Built13th century

Castel Camponeschi (Italian for Camponeschi Castle) is a Middle Ages castle in Prata d'Ansidonia, Province of L'Aquila (Abruzzo).[1]




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Coordinates: 42°16′12″N 13°37′06″E / 42.2700°N 13.6184°E / 42.2700; 13.6184