Castello di Lunghezza

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Castello di Lunghezza
Lunghezza, Italy
Coordinates41°55′30″N 12°40′1″E / 41.92500°N 12.66694°E / 41.92500; 12.66694Coordinates: 41°55′30″N 12°40′1″E / 41.92500°N 12.66694°E / 41.92500; 12.66694
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the public
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Site history
Built byPoli family

The Castello di Lunghezza ("Lunghezza Castle") is a medieval fortification situated roughly 20 kilometers (12 mi) east of Rome, Italy. It lies in Municipio VIII of Rome, and probably sits on the site of the ancient town of Collatia.


It was constructed in the year 761 AD and was ruled over by the Poli Family for several generations. In the 13th century, the Polis fell out of favor with Pope Boniface VIII when they gave all the lands around the castle to a local monastery. After some dispute, the papacy gained control of the land and it was bestowed upon the Orsinis, a family of Roman nobles.

In the 1950s, the castle was purchased by British curator Malcolm Munthe, who sought to restore it and open it to the public.