Masnago Castle

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Sala dei Vizi e delle Virtù

The Castello di Masnago is a castle, now a civic art museum, located atop a hill on Via Cola di Rienzo number 42 in Mantegazza Park in the quartiere of Masnago of the town of Varese, region of Lombardy, Italy. The oldest part of the castle is an 11th-century crenellated tower, much rebuilt over the centuries. On the ground floor, there is a frescoed room, the Sala degli Svaghi, and in the first floor two exhibition rooms – Sala dei Vizi and delle Virtù. Some of the latter frescoes pertain to the 15th-century school of Bonifacio Bembo.

The art museum has works by the Procaccini family, del Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli (commonly Morazzone e di Pietro Antonio Magatti, among more modern artists are Innocente Salvini, Enrico Bay, and Renato Guttuso.[1]


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