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Song by David Gilmour
from the album On an Island
Released 6 March 2006 (2006-03-06)
Genre Progressive rock
Length 3:54
Songwriter(s) David Gilmour
On an Island track listing

"Castellorizon" is the opening song on David Gilmour's third solo album, On an Island.[1] It is an instrumental guitar solo, which starts off with an overture of various sounds from other tracks of the album before the guitar is introduced. The song is based on a night Gilmour spent on the Greek island of Kastellorizo. It segues into "On an Island", the title track. The song received a nomination for Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the 49th Grammy Awards. The song was nominated for the same Grammy Award again at the 51st Grammy Awards for a performance from Gilmour's Live in Gdańsk album.


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