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Castillet / Castellet
Perpignan Castillet 1.jpg
The Castillet.
General information
Town or cityPerpignan
Coordinates42°42′02″N 2°53′38″E / 42.70056°N 2.89389°E / 42.70056; 2.89389
Construction started1368
Construction stopped1542
OwnerCity of Perpignan
Design and construction
Architect(s)Guillaume Gatard

The Castillet (or Castellet, small castle) is an ancient fortification and city gate located in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales, France). Today, this monument, a strong symbol of the city, has become a museum: Museu Català de les Arts i Tradicions Populars (Catalan Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions).

The Castillet was made of three parts : the big Castillet, the small Castillet (former city gate), and a polygonal bastion. The bastion was destroyed in the early 20th century, but the big and small Castillet were saved from demolition.[1]


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Coordinates: 42°42′02″N 2°53′38″E / 42.70056°N 2.89389°E / 42.70056; 2.89389