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Casting is a manufacturing process using a fluid medium in a mould, so as to produce a casting.

Casting can also refer to:

  • A process in sculpture of converting plastic materials into more solid form, prior to patination or other surface treatment
  • Casting, Moulting or Shedding of hair in most breeds of dog and other mammals
  • In bookkeeping, casting or footing is a method of summing a table of numbers by column (down)
  • Casting (performing arts), a pre-production process for selecting a cast of actors and other talent for a live or recorded performance, or models for a photo shoot or showing
  • Casting (fishing), the process whereby a bait, fly or lure is placed into or onto the water to catch fish
  • Casting (falconry), anything given to a hawk to purge and cleanse its gorge
  • Casting, a synonym for Internet webcast broadcasting
  • Excretions from an earthworm, and the end product of vermicomposting
  • Type conversion in computer programming

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