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Castlecourt Shopping Centre - - 1305252.jpg
Outside CastleCourt in 2009
LocationBelfast, Northern Ireland
Coordinates54°36′1″N 5°55′53″W / 54.60028°N 5.93139°W / 54.60028; -5.93139Coordinates: 54°36′1″N 5°55′53″W / 54.60028°N 5.93139°W / 54.60028; -5.93139
Opening date1990 [1]
No. of stores and services126 [2]
No. of anchor tenants5
Total retail floor area31,121 m2 (334,980 sq ft)[3]
No. of floors2
Parking1600 [4]

CastleCourt is a shopping centre on Royal Avenue in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is Northern Ireland's third largest shopping centre after Victoria Square and Foyleside in Derry. As at 2007 it had approximately 16 million visits a year.,[3] and sale densities ranked in the top 10% in the UK.[3]


Inside in 2010

The centre was built by John Laing on the site of the former Grand Central Hotel. The nature of the development made it a target for the Provisional IRA: the centre was bombed five times during its construction, four times after it opened, and suffered incendiary bomb attacks. It is now the third largest shopping complex in Northern Ireland after the construction of the new Victoria Square shopping centre;[5] which is also located in Belfast and Foyleside,[6] Derry.


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