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Castle (formerly known as Castle Acoustics) is a British manufacturer of hi-fi loudspeakers.

Castle Acoustics was founded in 1973 and takes its name and its logo from the 11thC historic Skipton Castle, the North Yorkshire market town of Skipton having been Castle's home since its foundation.

Castle is the only British loudspeaker manufacturer to build its own cabinets; buy and lay veneers for those cabinets; and develop and build its own drive units; all under one roof.[citation needed]


In 1932 the former wool merchant Gilbert Briggs from Bradford formed The Wharfedale Wireless Company primarily to further the design and manufacture of loudspeakers to reproduce as accurately as possible, the music in which he was keenly interested. His legacy has over two generations passed to the Castle Acoustics of today, still located in Wharfedale in North Yorkshire.

Moving to Skipton in Craven (Airedale), located in an old woollen mill, Castle Acoustics was born on 3 September 1973.

Almost twenty years later, with the original founders fast approaching retiring age, a second group of senior executives from Wharfedale made a proposal to buy out the original management team.

Castle is now part of the International Audio Group.


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