Castle Adventure

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Castle Adventure
Title screen
Developer(s) Kevin Bales
Publisher(s) Kevin Bales
Platform(s) DOS
Release 1984
Genre(s) Adventure game
Mode(s) Single player

Castle Adventure is an adventure game designed by Kevin Bales and originally released in 1984. It was also illegally included in Keypunch's Swords and Sorcery under the title Golden Wombat.[1] It is compiled from Microsoft BASIC; however the source has never been released.


Castle Adventure is a dungeon crawl with little back-story. The second screen of the game displays, “You are trapped in a deserted castle and you must escape. It is rumored that the castle is full of treasures. Can you find them all?”


In the castle courtyard.

The player interacts with the environment through a mix of keyboard controls and a text parser. Items visible on the screen can be picked up by guiding the adventurer over them. For items not on the screen, the player needs to type commands such as: get diamond.

In order to defeat and defend against monsters, the adventurer must possess a sword. Fighting in Castle Adventure consists of directing the adventurer into a monster. Though it is not visibly recorded, combatants can sustain only a finite amount of damage, after which either the monster or the adventurer dies (as appropriate).

To complete the game, the adventurer must open a gate in the room from which the game begins, freeing him from the castle.


Characters of code page 437

The game used the Text mode of the early IBM PCs like the 5150. It used special characters from code page 437 to represent monsters, treasures, weapons, props, castle walls, etc. It could thus be played on even the earliest IBM PC display equipment, such as the IBM Monochrome Display Adapter and the IBM 5151 monitor.

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