Castle Batteries

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Castle Batteries
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
6th and 7th Crutchett's Batteries Gibraltar.JPG
6th and 7th Crutchett's Batteries
Northern defences jungmap.gif
"The Northern Defences" of Gibraltar including A Castle Communication, B Castle Batteries, C Princes Gallery, D Bombproof Barracks, E Forbes' Battery. Also Hanover Battery, a nearby Magazine, Kings, Princes and Queen's Lines and galleries.
Castle Batteries is located in Gibraltar
Castle Batteries
Castle Batteries
Coordinates 36°08′42″N 5°21′05″W / 36.145063°N 5.351505°W / 36.145063; -5.351505
Type Artillery Battery
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Castle Batteries are a series of artillery batteries that are part of the Northern Defences of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.[1] The batteries descend from the Moorish Castle to end at the sixth and seven batteries which are known as Crutchett's Batteries. There are brick vaulted bombproof rooms (casemates) under Crutchets Battery.[2]

The northern approach to Gibraltar as seen in 1567; the batteries can be seen one above each other up the side of the rock.

The batteries were part of the northern defences of Gibraltar. Armies can only attack Gibraltar without ships from the north and therefore this is heavily fortified around the only gate to Spain called Landport. Cornwell describes how this was defended by "several batteries, numerous batteries on the Glacis of Landport, by Crutchett's and the Grand Battery". He speculated that no army could withstand the grapeshot from 400 "pieces of heavy artillery".[3]


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