Castle Hill, Torrington

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Castle Hill, Torrington

There are two hills named Castle Hill within the immediate environs of Great Torrington in Devon, England. The first is within the town and is the site of the Norman & mediaeval castles, but was probably an Iron Age hill fort before this.50°57′03″N 4°08′37″W / 50.9509°N 4.1436°W / 50.9509; -4.1436Coordinates: 50°57′03″N 4°08′37″W / 50.9509°N 4.1436°W / 50.9509; -4.1436

The second is a smaller Iron Age earthwork to the South East along the River Torridge which is probably also a small hill fort.[1]50°56′54″N 4°08′07″W / 50.9482°N 4.1352°W / 50.9482; -4.1352


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