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Cows grazing on Castle Leazes, 2006.

Castle Leazes is a piece of common land in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is situated in an area which separates Leazes Park and Spital Tongues. It has been in common ownership for over 700 years.[1]

This area of land has been considered as a possible site for a replacement stadium by Newcastle United football club, particularly in the mid-1990s when a 55,000 seater stadium was planned at a potential cost of £65 million.[1][2] It would have replaced the nearby St James' Park, but instead the club decided to expand St James' Park to over 50,000 seats.

Castle Leazes Halls[edit]

As of 2008 the Castle Leazes Halls are Newcastle University's largest Catered Halls of Residence, with 1,050 student study bedrooms.[3] They were fictionalised as Sleaze Castle in the comic book of the same name.

In May 2014 a fire broke out in the hall, caused by a faulty extractor fan. More than 30 students were evacuated and were later moved to another floor for the remainder of the term.[4]


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