Castle Peak Power Station

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Castle Peak Power Station
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Castle Peak Power Station is located in Hong Kong
Castle Peak Power Station
Location of Castle Peak Power Station in Hong Kong
Location Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°22′32″N 113°55′12″E / 22.37556°N 113.92000°E / 22.37556; 113.92000Coordinates: 22°22′32″N 113°55′12″E / 22.37556°N 113.92000°E / 22.37556; 113.92000
Status Operational
Commission date 1982
Owner(s) CLP Power (70%)
China Southern Power Grid Company (30%)
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Power generation
Units operational 4 × 350 MW
4 × 677.5 MW
Nameplate capacity 4,108 MW[1]

The Castle Peak Power Station (Chinese: 青山發電廠) is the largest coal-fired power station in Hong Kong. It is situated in Tap Shek Kok, Tuen Mun District, on the north shore of Urmston Road. Its name came from the mountain Castle Peak nearby. The station consists of four 350 MW and four 677 MW generating units, with auxiliary facilities.[1]

It was commissioned in 1982 with its newest generation unit installed in 1990. It is one of the three power stations that CLP operates in Hong Kong, totalling to 6,908 MW of installed capacity.

In 2007 Castle Peak burned 9 million tonnes of coal of which, according to CLP, 4.6 million tonnes was low-sulphur coal from Indonesia. The power station has been undertaking a range of programmes to improve emission performance, including refurbishing burners to reduce emission of nitrogen oxide, SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) and BOFA (Boosted Over Fire Air) has been installed, and Flue-gas desulfurization for sulphur removal. This power station is a major contributor to non-motor-traffic pollution in Hong Kong.


The station is owned by Castle Peak Power Company (Capco) which also owns the Black Point Power Station and the Penny's Bay Power Station.[2] Initially CLP holding a 40% stake (60% held by ExxonMobil) in Capco. The total power generation capacity of the three power station amounts to 6,908 MW.[2]

On 19 November 2013, CLP Group and China Southern Power Grid Company (CSG) announced to acquire Exxon's 60% stake in Capco for HK$24 billion. After the transaction, CLP holds a 70% stake while CSG holds the remaining 30% stake.[3][dead link][4] The transaction was said would help CLP lowering it emission to meet target in 2020 by importing more clean energy through CSG's grid.[4] The transaction was expected to be completed in 2014.[4] After the transaction, Exxon would exit the power generation business in Hong Kong, its only such investment around the world.[4]

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