Castle Rock (Antarctica)

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Castle Rock

Castle Rock (77°48′S 166°46′E / 77.800°S 166.767°E / -77.800; 166.767Coordinates: 77°48′S 166°46′E / 77.800°S 166.767°E / -77.800; 166.767) is a bold rock crag, 415 metres (1,360 ft) high, standing 3 miles (5 km) northeast of Hut Point on the central ridge of Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island. It was discovered by the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901–04, under Robert Falcon Scott, who so named it because of its shape.

Today, there is a recreation trail from McMurdo Station and Scott Base which provides access to Castle Rock year round.

Castle Rock Hut[edit]

Castle Rock Hut (77°49′31″S 166°42′22″E / 77.825161°S 166.706150°E / -77.825161; 166.706150) is a shelter located on a recreational trail, starting from McMurdo to Castle Rock, in order to provide a refuge in the event of a weather emergency.

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