Castle of Magic

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Castle of Magic
Developer(s) Gameloft
Publisher(s) Gameloft
Platform(s) Java, iOS, Nintendo DSi
Release date(s) 2008–2009
Genre(s) Arcade game, Platformer

Castle of Magic is a platform game developed and published by Gameloft. It was released in 2008. It appeared on platforms including Java, iOS, Nintendo DSi. The game won Best Platform Game, wireless device at the IGN Game Awards 2008.[citation needed]


Castle of Magic began as a mobile game, created in September 2008. It included an innovative material "Simulator" which reproduced the way different materials react to movement, giving each of the game's environments a unique sensation.[citation needed] Pocket Gamer called it a "Great platformer, which absorbs all the iconic old tricks, becoming a modern classic itself in the process. Almost as good as it gets." Pocket Gamer, 9/10.[citation needed]

In 2009 an iPhone version was launched. All environments were reproduced using 3D graphics and control was based on touch and used the phone's accelerometer.

In November 2009, the company launched an adaptation of the game for the Nintendo DSi system, which is specially developed for a platform game.


The action takes place on the beach. The heroes of this game — a boy and a girl, bored from broken video game, he decided to find a new occupation. And they found the chest. But they didn't expect the chest itself will open: it was magical. After that, our heroes find themselves in a magical world. There's an evil wizard kidnaps his girlfriend, and the boy becomes a magician. The wizard offers him go through all the worlds, then in the end to defeat him. When he disappeared with the girl, the boy followed behind him.


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Castle of Magic 2 game[edit]

  • The developers planned to release a sequel for the game as the iOS version, and Nintendo DSi. Promised that it will appear in the App Store in January 2010, as soon as they finalize. But unfortunately they did not succeed. Release failed.