Castlefrank Elementary School

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Castlefrank Elementary School
55 McCurdy Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario

Coordinates45°18′18″N 75°53′52″W / 45.3051°N 75.8979°W / 45.3051; -75.8979Coordinates: 45°18′18″N 75°53′52″W / 45.3051°N 75.8979°W / 45.3051; -75.8979
MottoBe the best you can be!
SuperintendentOlga Grigoriev
PrincipalSarah Pope

Castlefrank Elementary School is a school in the Kanata district of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located at 55 McCurdy Drive. The school's principal is Sarah Pope. It is named after the nearby Castlefrank Road.


Castlefrank Elementary School was built in 1988, and housed senior Kindergarten to grade 4 Early French Immersion students. Another section was built in 1990, when the JK to grade 6 English program was added. In 1988, there were 179 students registered at the school. It officially opened on May 9, 1991.

Its name lent itself easily to theme work which revolved around the school's symbol of a castle. This symbol is incorporated into the tile in the foyer of the school. The school's colours of red, yellow, and blue are illustrated in a mural of a large castle painted on the wall in the hallway.

The motto of the school is "Be the best you can be!"

The first grade 6 students were promoted to grade 7 in June 1991. Castlefrank became an English Kindergarten to grade 8 school on September 7, 2004.

During the 2007-2008 school year, there were approximately 450 students at Castlefrank.[1]

For the 2013-2014 school year the grades were changed again to JK to grade 3 in both French and English in order to resolve overcrowding issues. Now students go to Katimavik Elementary School for grades 4 to 8.

Notable alumni[edit]


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