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Coordinates: 37°45′35″N 122°9′47″W / 37.75972°N 122.16306°W / 37.75972; -122.16306 Castlemont Community of Small Schools was a community of three autonomous small schools in Oakland, California, created by splitting up Castlemont High School, originally known as East Oakland High School. The long term name of "Castlemont" was selected by a student vote.[1]

The schools were:

  • Castlemont Leadership Preparatory High (10-12)
  • Castlemont Business and Information Technology School (10-12) (CBITIS)
  • East Oakland School of the Arts (10-12)
  • Freshman Prep Academy (FPA)

Similar small school experiments were going on at the Fremont Federation of High Schools:

  • College Preparatory and Architecture Academy
  • Mandela High School
  • Media College Preparatory High School
  • Paul Robeson School, Visual and Performing Arts (closed after the 2009-2010 school year)

and at the McClymonds Educational Complex:

  • EXCEL High School (Experience, eXcellence, Community, Empowerment, and Leadership)
  • BEST High School (Business Entrepreneurial School of Technology)
  • Kizmet Academy (slogan: Students Destined for Greatness), a middle school

While operating through the larger facility from the same address, each school had its own administration. All were part of the Oakland Unified School District.[2]

Funding for the breakup of the schools came from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.[3]


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