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Screenshot of Castor Intro 2.

Castor Cracking Group (CCG) was a demo group from Sweden, and were active on the ZX Spectrum during 1986-88.[1][2][3] They were one of the first groups for the ZX Spectrum with their release of Castor Intro early in 1986.[4]

Originally they named themselves after Castor in the constellation Gemini, but despite having "Crack" in their name, they actually (at least according to themselves) never cracked any software.[4]

Technically, their demos were not very advanced - they even programmed many of them in BASIC and compiled the result for release.[4] However, their significance lies in their early entry onto the scene.

UK Lead[edit]

UK Lead was a label used by Castor Cracking Group for the more "serious" projects. The only two projects released were Spectrum Juggler and 99Y.


  • Staffan "Cobra" Vilcans (later "Ralph 124C41+")
  • Martin "DoWN" Vilcans (the Dragon of Winter Night (earlier "Marulk"))
  • Johan "Heradotos" Forslund (C64)

List of demos[edit]


  • Castor Intro (1986)
  • Castor Intro 2 - Trap Door (1987)
  • Castor Intro 3 - Ocean (1987)
  • Castor Intro 4 - Balls (1987)
  • Castor Intro 5 - Boing Boomchack (1987)
  • Castor Intro 6 - Monster Banquet (1987)
  • Castor Intro 7 - never made
  • Castor Intro 8 - Dan There (1987)
  • Castor Intro 9 - Move That Army (1987)[5]
  • Castor Intro 10 - Auf Wiedersehen Castor (1988)[6]
  • Spectrum Juggler (1987) (under the name UK Lead).

Music demos[edit]

  • Don't Stop the Music (1987)
  • 128 Demo
  • 128 Music (1987)
  • 128 Music II (1987)



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