Castra of Cioroiu Nou

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Castra of Cioroiu Nou
Castra of Cioroiu Nou is located in Romania
Castra of Cioroiu Nou
Location within Romania
Founded 2nd century AD[1][2]
Abandoned 2nd[2] or 3rd century AD[1]
Place in the Roman world
Province Dacia
Administrative unit Dacia Apulensis
Administrative unit Dacia Superior
— Stone structure —
Stationed military units
Coordinates 44°03′27″N 23°26′21″E / 44.0575°N 23.439167°E / 44.0575; 23.439167
Town Cioroiu Nou
County Dolj
Country  Romania
RO-LMI DJ-l-m-A-07886.02[2]
RO-RAN 71849.02[1]
Site notes
Recognition Monument istoric.svg National Historical Monument
Condition Ruined

The castra of Cioroiu Nou was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia.[1][2] It was erected in the 2nd century AD.[1][2] Consisting of two ramparts forming a letter "V", the defensive system of the Roman settlement at Cioroiu Nou was complex.[1] The Romans abandoned the fort in the 2nd[2] or in the 3rd century.[1] Its ruins are located in Cioroiu Nou, commune Cioroiași, Romania.[1]

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Coordinates: 44°03′27″N 23°26′21″E / 44.05750°N 23.43917°E / 44.05750; 23.43917