Castro de Sacóias

Coordinates: 41°51′47.26″N 6°41′24.84″W / 41.8631278°N 6.6902333°W / 41.8631278; -6.6902333
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Castro of Sacóias
Castro de Sacóias
Fortified Settlement of Sacóias
Etymology: Sacóias
Coordinates: 41°51′47.26″N 6°41′24.84″W / 41.8631278°N 6.6902333°W / 41.8631278; -6.6902333
SubregionAlto Trás-os-Montes
680 m (2,230 ft)
ManagementInstituto Gestão do Patrimonio Arquitectónico e Arqueológico
OperatorCâmara Municipal de Torres Vedras
StatusNational Monument
Monumento Nacional
ListingDecree 16 June 1910; DG136, 23 June 1910

The Castro of Sacóias (Portuguese: Povoado Fortificado de Sacóias/Castro de Sacóias) is a former fortified settlement and archeological site in the civil parish of Baçal, municipality of Bragança in the Alto Trás-os-Montes subregion of the Portuguese Norte Region.[1]


It is likely that the site was constructed during the Iron Age, and restructured over time.[1] It was occupied by Roman settlers during the Roman occupation of the Iberian peninsula.[1]

During the second half of the 18th century, the then-existing religious temple was moved from the Castro to the main settlement, to substitute an older chapel, then housing a baptismal fountain and conserving the Blessed Sacrament.[1]

The Castro, and group of existing structures, are of individual importance that resulted in it being designated a National Monument in 1910, as well as a structure of municipal interest by the council of Bragança.[1]


The site is located on an isolated, rural hilltop rising over the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Assunção.[1] It consists of a destroyed fortified settlement, with small walls constructed with small stones, in addition to remnants of tiles, bricks and millstones.[1] Most of the artefacts unearthed from the site was collected by the Sociedade Martins Sarmento, and presented at the Municipal Museum of Bragança and Archaeological Museum.[1]



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