Casualties of the 2004 Madrid bombings

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The Forest of the Departed (El Bosque de los Ausentes, in Spanish).
Memorial in Atocha station (inaugurated in March 2007).

The 11 March Madrid bombings killed 191 people. Initial reports said that 202 people had died, but this number was later lowered to 190.[1] The toll was raised to 191 in May after a baby of one of the wounded was born and died of the mother's injuries.[2]

Casualties by place[edit]

  • 67 died at El Pozo Station.
  • 64 died next to Téllez Street.
  • 34 died at Atocha Station.
  • 16 died at Santa Eugenia Station.

The remaining people died in hospital.

The wounded[edit]

Officially 2,051 people were injured; of whom 82 were in critical condition. They were carried by different means to various hospitals in the Madrid Autonomous Community, principally to the two largest public hospitals in Madrid: Hospital Gregorio Marañon (312 casualties) and Hospital Doce de Octubre (242 casualties). Other hospitals involved were the Clínico San Carlos, Hospital de la Princesa, Hospital de la Paz, Hospital Fundación de Alcorcón, the El Niño Jesús Hospital and the Hospital Central de la Defensa. The amount of resources mobilized to the care of the wounded was unprecedented in Spain with more than 70,000 health personnel involved, 291 ambulances for transport, 200 firemen and police vehicles. The health authority activated the emergency plan for disasters, which consists of fitting out all the operating theatres in the hospitals, postponement of all non-urgent scheduled operations and the call of duty of all available health staff.[3]

Victims by nationality[edit]

The victims came from 17 countries:

  •  Spain (142)
  •  Romania (16)
  •  Ecuador (6)
  •  Poland (4)
  •  Bulgaria (4)
  •  Peru (3)
  •  Dominican Republic (2)
  •  Colombia (2)
  •  Morocco (2)
  •  Ukraine (2)
  •  Honduras (2)
  •  Senegal (1)
  •  Cuba (1)
  •  Chile (1)
  •  Brazil (1)
  •  France (1)
  •  Philippines (1)

Forest of the Departed[edit]

To commemorate the victims, the Forest of the Departed, a memorial monument in the El Retiro Park in Madrid, was constructed near Atocha Station, where most of the victims died. It consists of 192 trees, one for each victim of the bombings. The 192nd tree is for Francisco Javier Torrenteras Gadea, a member of the Grupo Especial de Operaciones who died when the train bombers blew themselves up in Leganés on 3 April after being surrounded.[4]


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