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Casualty may refer to:

  • Casualty (person), a person who is killed or rendered unfit for service in a war or natural disaster
  • Disaster, an event resulting in death or destruction i.e. Loss
  • The emergency department of a hospital, also known as a Casualty Department or Casualty Ward (chiefly in the UK and in some English-speaking Commonwealth nations)
  • Casualty (TV series), a long-running British emergency medical drama series
  • Casualty 1906, the pilot for a British historical medical drama
  • Casualty 1907, a British historical medical drama (for which Casualty 1906 was the pilot)
  • Casualty 1909, a continuation of the British historical medical drama (from 1906 and 1907)
  • Casualty insurance, a type of insurance

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