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Casualty (series 28)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 48
Original network BBC One
Original release 3 August 2013 (2013-08-03) – 23 August 2014 (2014-08-23)
Series chronology
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Series 27
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Series 29
List of Casualty episodes

The twenty-eighth series of Casualty began airing on BBC One on 3 August 2013, one week after the end of the previous series.[1] This series consisted of 48 episodes, the highest episode order since series 24. The series concluded on 23 August 2014.[2]

This series saw the departures of Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman), Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt), Jamie Collier (Daniel Anthony) and Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher (Alex Walkinshaw), and temporary departures of Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker) and Kathleen "Dixie Dixon (Jane Hazlegrove). This series also welcomed Lily Chao (Crystal Yu), Rita Freeman (Chloe Howman), Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford), Caleb Knight (Richard Winsor) and Ben "Lofty" Chiltern (Lee Mead); as well as the returns of Holby City character, Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing), and paramedics Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) and Tamzin Bayle (Gemma Atkinson).


Cast of series 28

Main cast[edit]

Recurring characters[edit]

Series 28 welcomed new foundation doctor Lily Chao, portrayed by Crystal Yu, from episode one.[3] New Staff Nurse Rita Freeman, portrayed by Chloe Howman, entered the show in episode two.[4] From episode five, Casualty introduced a new Student Paramedic, Iain Dean, played by Michael Stevenson.[5] Actor Jamie Davis joined the show as new Porter Max Walker, he made his first appearance in episode nine, and is also Robyn Miller's step-brother.[6] Call the Midwife actor George Rainsford joined the medical drama in episode twenty,[7] followed by older brother Dr Caleb Knight from episode twenty-one.[8] Lee Mead joined as Staff Nurse Ben "Lofty" Chiltern from episode 27.[9] It was also announced that this Series would see the arrival of former Holby City consultant Connie Beauchamp, last seen in the sister show of Casualty back in 2010. Connie's first appearance was made back in March 2014.[10][11]

However, Series 28 of Casualty also saw the departure of newly-wedded couple Sam Nicholls and Tom Kent in the final episode of 2013. As well as this, staff nurse Fletch also departed Casualty in episode forty-three, after his and Tess's relationship went viral when Tess was involved in a train crash. Fletch didn't move far however, as a few weeks later actor Alex Walkinshaw joined sister show Holby City.[12]


Nikki Wilson served as Series Producer until episode 18, the final episode of 2013. Erika Hossington serves as the Series Producer from episode 19, the first episode of 2014. Oliver Kent is the Executive Producer for the series.

The theme tune that has been in place since 2001 (apart from a brief theme tune change during 2006-07) is used until episode 18. Episode 19 features a new version of the theme tune more akin to the original 1986 theme. The lead into the end music is also more akin to the original. The titles remained the same until episode 23 when a new version of the opening titles were introduced in episode 24, replacing the opening titles that were used since January 2012.


No. in
Title [13][14] Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers
(millions) [15][16]
868 1 "Bedside Manners" Jon Sen Steve Bailie 3 August 2013 (2013-08-03) 5.18

Whilst driving through the woodlands, Susan and Elliot discover a baby carrier at the side of the road. As Elliot exits the car to take a closer look he is attacked by a group of masked robbers, and in a desperate attempt to get away Susan speeds off... but it isn't long before the car flies down a hill. As Dixie and Jeff take the couple back to the hospital one of the robbers is thrown from the back of a van with a bloody mouth. Meanwhile, new trainee doctor Lily is paired up with Ash, but her bedside manner gets the better of her. Elsewhere, Dixie treats a feisty elderly lady who is knocked down by a cyclist.

Note: First appearance of Lily Chao (Crystal Yu) and guest starring Agatha Kirkpatrick (Honor Blackman).
869 2 "Once There Was a Way Home – Part One" Robert Del Maestro Frank Rickarby 10 August 2013 (2013-08-10) 5.11

Just as Rita leaves for her first shift at Holby ED, the ceiling to her flat gives way. Heading upstairs she soon uncovers the reason behind the collapse - her neighbour's hoarding has gotten out of control. Rita decides to call an ambulance out and remain by her distressed neighbour before meeting two of her new colleagues, Jeff and Dixie. Meanwhile, a robbery goes horribly wrong as the victim, Ramin, breaks his ankle escaping the yard; but as he reaches the ED Jamie learns he's an illegal immigrant, and it isn't long before controversy breaks out. Ash realizes he's got a lot to teach Lily about her bedside manner.

Note: First appearance of Rita Freeman (Chloe Howman)
870 3 "Once There Was a Way Home – Part Two" Robert Del Maestro Sasha Hails 17 August 2013 (2013-08-17) 5.24
Jamie becomes further embroiled in the Iranian immigrant bringing almost the whole ED to a standstill. Zoe panics as she learns Tess is considering handing in her resignation. And Sam shows a more maternal side to her as she rescue a baby of a car crash and broken family.
871 4 "What You Believe" Jon Sen Chris Ould 24 August 2013 (2013-08-24) 5.20

Ash joins forces with the paramedics in order to rescue two teenagers who troubled themselves tombstoning into a stretch of water scattered with debris. Elsewhere, Rita and Fletch turn detective when a young man believes he is the reincarnation of an elderly lady's brother. Tess comes face-to-face with Fletch, making her feeling clear towards the dejected nurse.

Note: Guest starring Simon Wooton (Ramon Tikaram).
872 5 "Waiting for a Star to Fall" Reza Moradi David Bowker 31 August 2013 (2013-08-31) 4.66

A bus swerves to avoid a car stationary in the middle of a busy road, but as it does it clips the central reserve falling to its side. New paramedic Iain soon finds a young girl, Lucy, stumbling from the bus and realizing it's close to exploding he recklessly runs... saving her life. However later, when a wounded man falters into the ED Charlie learns he had to have been involved in the crash. But why did he flee from the scene? Rita is paired with Lily in a hopeful attempt to improve her bedside manner once and for all. Tom asks Sam to move in with him.

Note: First appearance of Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson).
873 6 "Scars" Reza Moradi Stephen McAteer 14 September 2013 (2013-09-14) 5.05
Iain and Jeff's ability to get on is tested as brothers Carl and Kevin are involved in a stabbing with a screwdriver. Elsewhere, Jamie treats a patient complaining of chest pains. As Jamie suspects the patient is faking his illness he attempts to learn why he has had such a sudden turn health wise. Is it to get his mother's attention? Also, Sam finally agrees that Tom can move in, but with her.
874 7 "Gloves Off" Julie Edwards Christian O'Reilly 21 September 2013 (2013-09-21) 5.22
As Dee and her boyfriend Darius leave home to walk to school, Darius discovers the pills Dee is so desperately trying to keep secret. As they begin to argue Dee falls back into the road, nearly being hit by a car which swerves crashing into some bins. Dee then, however, faints cutting her hand on some glass. Later, back at the ED Fletch treats Margaret and Helen, the two ladies involved in the crash, and as he realises not only were the two ladies more interested in getting the cat to the vets, Helen is struggling to remember her words. Concerned for the two ladies, Fletch begins to question whether they should live together. Elsewhere, Zoe hooks on to the tension between Tess and Fletch... has she finally worked out the truth?
875 8 "The Longest Day" Julie Edwards Julie Dixon 28 September 2013 (2013-09-28) 5.32
Fletch and Ash treat a sharp, feisty male named Peter, whose inability to control his diabetes had led to Charcot's foot syndrome and the beginning of an ulcer. Things go from bad to worse as Peter collapses outside the ED after seeing a face from the past, and as the team treat him Tess makes a potentially life-threatening mistake, which Fletch covers up on. Elsewhere, Si and Ade drive home from a heavy night out, but as a dog runs into the road the boys swerve the vehicle which ends up flying down an embankment... and it isn't long before the paramedics are rushing to save the lads before the car explodes.
876 9 "Love Hurts" Steve Hughes Andy Rattenbury 5 October 2013 (2013-10-05) 5.03

Tess and the team work quickly when a pregnant woman is involved in an RTC. But with the patient's support system breaking down around her and a difficult birth, can Tess overcome her issues and support mother-to-be? Or will her clinical error prove too much to bear?

Note: First appearance of Max Walker (Jamie Davis)
877 10 "The Memory of Water" Steve Hughes Tom Needham & Mark Catley 12 October 2013 (2013-10-12) 5.03
When Mary discovers her husband, Andrew, collapsed in scalding water in the bath, she immediately calls for an ambulance. Back at the ED the prognosis doesn't look good and the fact Andrew has a DNR in place is also raised. The team then are forced to decide how far they must go when the mother and daughter are so at odds. Meanwhile, Jamie treats three surfers who were involved in a camper van running down a tent, but as he treats them he inadvertently opens up a love triangle. Fletch waits to see what consequences he faces for covering Tess's near fatal mistake.
878 11 "Crush Syndrome" Tim Leandro Kevin Rundle 19 October 2013 (2013-10-19) 5.12
Rita goes out on-call with Dixie and Jeff, and her first call-out is to a patient trapped in a dangerous position at a car breakers yard. Despite Dixie and Jeff specifically telling Rita to not tell the patient that his injuries may well be fatal, she breaks the rule and tells him, which persuades him to call his estranged daughter in time. Meanwhile, Big Mac helps a male overcome his claustrophobia, and when Louise notices how well he handled the situation, she encourages him to apply for the role of Emergency Care Assistant.
879 12 "Three's a Crowd" Tim Leandro Kit Lambert 26 October 2013 (2013-10-26) 4.76
Jeff finds himself involved in family dramas as an in-debt father and son are brought in to the ED after falling through a client's ceiling whilst plumbing. Sam and Tom's relationship continues to strengthen and before long Tom plans to propose to Sam as she treats a bride, Helen Rowlands who accidentally got hit by car on her wedding day as she was in a panic rushing around. However crisis strikes as Robyn leaks the proposal plans throughout the hospital. Big Mac is angry to learn Louise applied for his ECA position, will he turn up for his interview?
880 13 "Badge of Honour" David Tucker Robert Goldsbrough 2 November 2013 (2013-11-02) 5.07
Iain is deeply affected when two police officers are involved in an attack, stirring up memories of his past life in the Army. Single father, Callum Bradey (George Sampson) attempts at shoplifting some medicine for his daughter, which results in him injuring himself by getting some broken wood trapped inside his leg. Back at the ED, Charlie helps Callum and the mother of his child fight for their daughter, Big Mac discovers he's got his Emergency Care Assistant job and Lily oversteps the mark by attempting to remove some broken wood from Callum's leg but instead almost making him bleed to death.
881 14 "Rock and a Hard Place" David Tucker Tony McHale 16 November 2013 (2013-11-16) 4.95
Lily suspects anabolic steroids are being used on a Simon, a rugby player, after a bust-up during a scrum leaves one player on the ground, and another with a badly bruised hand. PC Jack Drummond arrives at the ED with a fractured leg after a confrontation at a funeral but is pursued by his colleagues father desperate for the truth of how his daughter really died.
882 15 "Between the Cracks" Neasa Hardiman Sally Abbott 23 November 2013 (2013-11-23) 5.41
Fletch's suspicions are aroused when George and streetwise youth Skelly are admitted after falling from the roof of a house and giving false names to the paramedics. However Fletch's attempts to compromise the situation between the boys is cut when he has to face his own domestic responsibilities. Lily discharges a distressed lady without taking her mental state into consideration and this time it's Jamie who gives her a lesson in patient care.
883 16 "There's No Place Like Home" Neasa Hardiman Emma Goodwin 30 November 2013 (2013-11-30) 4.65

Fletch faces further disaster as the mother of runaway George arrives at the ED, only to be told her son and Skelly have been released into the care of a man named Tommy. However it soon becomes evident to George and Skelly that they've made a huge mistake following in the footsteps of Tommy and in a desperate attempt to escape Tommy is left with life-threatening head injuries. A former wartime spy has her home bulldozed and is crushed attempting to save personal belongings, and as Sam treats her she becomes concerned as to why there's a bullet in her knee. Ash treats a family whose daughter's strange dieting has led to her eating the remains of her family cat's ashes.

Note: Last appearance of Norman Burnton (Adrian Harris)
884 17 "What a Wonderful Life" Robert Del Maestro Tim Loane 7 December 2013 (2013-12-07) 4.49
Big Mac is full of nerves as he prepares for his first shift officially as Emergency Care Assistant and his first case is out to two brothers sat in agony after their car swerves off road and straight into a concrete block. To make matters worse, one of the brothers refuse medication at the scene due to their previous drugs history. A North Holby ballroom regional finals dance is cut short for a couple as the man collapses mid-dance.
885 18 "Away in a Manger" Robert Del Maestro Sasha Hails 14 December 2013 (2013-12-14) 4.65

Sam and Tom's wedding plans are disrupted when Peter, the feisty electrician who Fletch previously treated, is electrocuted by a Christmas tree setting trouble, once again, for Fletch as he is arrested. A couple are forced to seek refuge in a barn for the birth of their baby and after resolving their differences, Sam and Tom eventually get married and leave the ED.

Note: Last appearance of Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman) and Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt).
886 19 "For Auld Lang Syne" Tim Leandro Tony McHale 4 January 2014 (2014-01-04) 5.44

Fletch witnesses an explosion at a bar and comes to the rescue of Peter Trenton, who is trapped inside the burning building. Peter is convinced Fletch is only helping him so he'll drop the charges and insists he's to be treated by another member of staff. But is this the end for Fletch? Or will Peter drop the charges? Robyn's new year gets off to a strange start as she treats a singer claiming to have lost his voice and Charlie spends a frustrating evening desperately trying to contact his son, Louie.

Note: New version of the theme tune is introduced.
887 20 "Bad Timing" Steve Hughes Frank Rickarby 11 January 2014 (2014-01-11) 6.06

Dixie is shocked as she is called out to her on-off girlfriend Carol, who has fallen down some steps hurting her wrist. However back at the ED Carol takes a turn for the worse leaving Tess and Zoe fighting to save her life. Meanwhile, a teacher is shoved through a glass-fronted stall as she tussles with a woman attempting to steal her bag, and back at the ED new doctor Ethan and Lily find further unexplained symptoms and set about discovering what really is wrong with her.

Note: First appearance of Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford)
888 21 "Brothers At Arms" Steve Hughes Steve Bailie 18 January 2014 (2014-01-18) 5.72

New locum doctor Cal arrives at the ED and it isn't long before his skills are required to a call-out with a limousine hanging precariously off a bridge and a teenage female suffering liver problems. Ethan tries to uncover the truth of an art student whose sight has been endangered due to flying glass.

Note: First appearance of Caleb Knight (Richard Windsor)
889 22 "Keeping Schtum" Graeme Harper Katherine Smith 25 January 2014 (2014-01-25) 5.66
Dixie and Rita's night out turn sour after they witness a woman running away from an alley in distress, and as the man turns aggressive towards Rita Dixie steps in and the man trips back, hitting his head. Then Dixie faces further problems as the man accuses her of pushing him, leading to Dixie's arrest and prosecution for assault. Meanwhile, Ethan and Cal are both as puzzled as each other over a young boy who has lost his voice.
890 23 "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" Graeme Harper Anita Pandolfo 1 February 2014 (2014-02-01) 6.14
Rita helps a rape victim gain the courage to come forward and press charges. Zoe helps a veteran dancer tell her daughter the truth of her adoption.
891 24 "Once in a Lifetime" Joss Agnew Kevin Rundle 8 February 2014 (2014-02-08) 6.28

Jamie's last day revolves around a father and son who have come off their bikes whilst mountain-bike racing, but as Jamie receives medical results he discovers the son has old wounds which may suggest he's the victim of abuse. Dixie and Jeff are forced to think creatively when a man is knocked into some sinking mudflats by a bike and is slowly sinking.

Note: Temporary departure of Jamie Collier (Daniel Anthony). New titles are introduced.
892 25 "Valentine's Day Mascara" Joss Agnew Mark Catley 15 February 2014 (2014-02-15) 6.04
Iain defies orders from Jeff and runs into a burning building in a desperate attempt to save Bobby when he runs into the building to save his fiancé. Lily becomes a magician's assistant, before throwing a drunken kiss at Ash during a Valentine's Day party and Zoe faces the prospect of losing a member of staff.
893 26 "The Great Pretender" Reza Moradi Tony McHale 22 February 2014 (2014-02-22) 5.87
Fletch and his estranged wife argue when she doesn't feel the kids should spend the weekend with him, which leads to eldest daughter Evie escaping home and taking refuge in a dilapidated house. And it isn't long before the ceiling collapses and it's a race against time for Fletch to save his daughter. Robyn attempts to uncover why a teenage girl is lying to her mother and Lily treats a woman who wonders whether she has a good case against the council after tripping up on a paving stone.
894 27 "The Last Chance Saloon" Reza Moradi Matthew Barry 1 March 2014 (2014-03-01) 6.15

Lily shows a softer side when Sally is rushed into hospital, however when the defiant junior doctor doesn't follow all of Ash's instructions he decides to teach her a lesson. Robyn discovers an intruder in her house and as she chases the trespasser into the next door garden she impales her foot on a rake.

Note: First appearance of Ben "Lofty" Chiltern (Lee Mead)
895 28 "Survivor's Guilt" Paul Murphy Kevin Rundle 8 March 2014 (2014-03-08) 6.03
Iain and Big Mac are called to a fire at a B&B, but Iain is stunned as ex-Army friend Kenny is discovered at the scene. Things go from bad to worse as Kenny's paranoia builds over his wife and he eventually rampages to the ambulance bay in search of Iain. Lily presses ahead with her accusation over Ash's workplace bullying and Lofty's keen eye helps a brother stand up for himself.
896 29 "Gravity" Paul Murphy Stephen McAteer 15 March 2014 (2014-03-15) 6.15
Iain and Big Mac find themselves in a hostage situation when Kenny reaches breaking point. A woman heads over to complain to her neighbour about a noisy party but as she takes matters into her own hands she plummets over the balcony and is left unconscious on a car bonnet. Fletch's wife Natalie is admitted to the ED in the early stages of labour.
897 30 "The Lies We Tell" Lee Haven Jones Henrietta Hardy 22 March 2014 (2014-03-22) 6.59

Ethan's conscience is tested when two environmental activists hide secrets from each other after they are admitted for causing a lorry to crash and explode during an anti-fracking demonstration. Rita and Zoe help a prisoner repair his broken relationship with his mother. Upstairs in the main meeting room, it is full on as Lily and Ash go head to head during the disciplinary hearing in front of Guy Self and Ash is given a formal written warning.

Note: Temporary departure of Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson); Guest Starring Guy Self (John Michie)
898 31 "Valves to Vagrants" Lee Haven Jones Tony McHale 29 March 2014 (2014-03-29) 6.13

Connie Beauchamp struts in the ED on her first day and it isn't long before she's saving a man from prison. Zoe isn't convinced by Connie's arrival and contacts Guy Self, but doesn't get the answer she so hoped for. Ash finally decides enough is enough and takes his wayward daughter in hand... but how will she react to his tough approach?

Note: First appearance of Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing); Guest Starring DS Annie Reardon (Kacey Ainsworth), Olivia Tindal (Tina O'Brien) and Guy Self (John Michie)
899 32 "The Quiet Man" Simon Massey Jason Sutton 5 April 2014 (2014-04-05) 6.02
Zoe, Connie and Lily pull together to help treat a father and his daughter after the father is impaled on a metal spike after avoiding being hit by a train, though with the daughter suffering ADHD and giving the staff the runaround will anyone be able to take control of the situation? Charlie helps a biker come to terms with the severity of his wife's dementia. It's not long before Zoe and Connie are fighting over how the ED should be run.
900 33 "Only the Lonely" Simon Massey Patrea Smallacombe 12 April 2014 (2014-04-12) 4.77
Dixie finds herself bonding with an angry young criminal after he skids off his motorbike with the victims closely in pursuit. A prank by three girls goes badly wrong when Martha, one of the girls falls down a flight of stairs in a morbidly obese man's house. And to make matters Jim, the morbidly obese man suffers breathing difficulties however in order for Jeff and Dixie to treat him thoroughly he needs to be extracted from his room. Robyn is flattered when Cal helps her pass her assessment however her hopes are dashed when she witnesses Cal with another lady.
901 34 "When Nothing Else Matters" Ashley Way Mark Stevenson 19 April 2014 (2014-04-19) 5.22
Fletch helps build bridges between a father and son after two brothers go for a midnight drive... only to swerve their car and overturn into some stationary cars. Cal begins his attempts on reeling Lily in as they work together on a self-diagnosed patient believing he has a brain tumour. And Jeff agrees to cover for Ella, Ash's daughter, after an allergic reaction to some ketamine at Robyn's house party.
902 35 "Carrot Not Stick" Steve Hughes Nick Fisher 26 April 2014 (2014-04-26) 5.58

Dixie tells her new injured friend Leo that his mother is in a hospice and if he doesn't go to see her soon it may be too late. With a bit of creative thinking, Dixie assists Lofty and Max to help Leo spend his mother's final hours in his hands on the beach. Dixie later breaks the news to Leo his mother died peacefully in her sleep. Fletch treats a tree cutting's manager after he is crushed by a heavy branch and has a chainsaw dropped just inches from his head. Later back in the ED Fletch's suspicions arouse when the manager becomes agitated over a phone call. And Zoe and Robyn work together to uncover the history of middle-aged Ginny, who collapsed on her birthday party after sniffing cocaine.

Note: Guest Starring Ginny Roxburgh-Berrow (Jan Francis) and Stanley Hogg (John Bowe).
903 36 "Who Cares?" Ashley Way Sally Tatchell 3 May 2014 (2014-05-03) 5.74

Dixie is on her way to hear the consequences of her actions for the interference of aiding Leo whilst on shift, however on the way she is caught up by a female who is desperate for help after the man she is escaping from falls back impaling himself on a metal spike. Back at the ED all attempts to revive the man are ended and he is pronounced dead. Later, Connie raises her concerns to Ash about Zoe as she believes there were other ways to save his life before later taking Zoe for a drink, but what is Connie's game?

Note: Temporary departure of Kathleen 'Dixie' Dixon.
904 37 "Games for Boys" Nigel Douglas Tim Loane 17 May 2014 (2014-05-17) 4.42
Fletch requires assistance from Ash when just minutes before a wedding the bride reveals a huge secret, which causes the newly-wed couple and their son to plummet through a building site costing the bride Amanda's life. However as Ash tries to administer ketamine to the injured, he discovers it missing from his medical bag. Back at Ash's house, Ella invites a few friends round for a treat, and as she reveals the ketamine stolen from her dad's bag she unfolds devastating consequences not only for herself, but also for her friends and her father.
905 38 "The Family Way" Nigel Douglas Tony McHale 24 May 2014 (2014-05-24) 4.80

Jeff is stunned by the return of Tamzin when two warring sisters and their father end up in the ED after a horrific accident. However when the father shows more interest in one daughter than the other the sibling rivalry reaches boiling point. A bodybuilder's choice of underwear raises a few eyebrows while Tess helps a pregnant teenager stand up to her controlling father after being clipped by a car. Ash and Zoe realise Connie has been playing them off against one another.

Note: Return of Tamzin Bayle. (Gemma Atkinson)
906 39 "To Yourself Be True" Julie Edwards Julie Dixon 31 May 2014 (2014-05-31) 5.08

Connie deals with an overbearing father who struggles to accept his son's sexuality. Barrister Anna is furious to learn she's been replaced on a case by a colleague, and as she storms out of court she collides with a cyclist. But as Jeff and Tamzin treat Anna they discover her problems are more mental than physical.

Note: Guest Starring Guy Self (John Michie)
907 40 "The Dying Game" Julie Edwards Steve Bailie 7 June 2014 (2014-06-07) 4.57

Rita finds herself in a quandary after a fire breaks out at a care home, during Fred, one of the care home's residents 100th Birthday, when his cake with sparklers on it sets fire to some coats in the care home's lounge and she believes the elderly aren't being treated with the respect they deserve. Especially when she gains access to a terminally ill patient whose ongoing medical treatment raises a number of concerns. Lily treats a male complaining of toothache; but when she learns he's abusing the drugs he's supposed to be taking by drinking alcohol she soon reveals why his pain isn't getting any better. Lofty returns to the ED and Connie raises her concern with CEO Guy Self about Zoe's competence.

Note: Guest Starring Guy Self (John Michie)
908 41 "Unhinged" Jon Sen Sasha Hails & Mark Catley 14 June 2014 (2014-06-14) 4.86

The ED begins to struggle with increasing numbers as St. James's closes its doors and casualties are coming in from across the region. A man with Dementia falls back and smashes his head on a light and after wandering off out of the ED and onto the main road and then getting hit by car, Connie is forced to save him... but is it too late? Jeff and Tamzin attend a boiler explosion. Ethan and Rita suspect a partygoer of being bulimic and a frustrated father leaves the ED without his son being treated.

Note: Guest Starring Guy Self (John Michie)
909 42 "Falling – Part One" Jon Sen Sally Abbott 22 June 2014 (2014-06-22) 5.20

Zoe struggles to keep on top of everything at the ED and decides to flee when reports of a horrific helicopter accident come through. Connie decides enough is enough and calls CEO Guy Self down to the department again. When Zoe returns to the ED, after she deals with the press, the patient she so desperately tries to keep alive dies. Following a confrontation with Guy Self for fleeing the ED Zoe steps down as clinical lead and asks that Guy Self hand over the honours and privileges of Clinical Lead to Connie Beauchamp.

Note: Guest Starring Guy Self (John Michie)
910 43 "Falling – Part Two" Simon Massey Nick Fisher 29 June 2014 (2014-06-29) 4.86

Fletch sacrifices everything to save Tess which then later resulting in his dismissal from the department and the ultimate break-up of his marriage to Natalie Fletcher after metal thieves cause a horrendous train derailment. Connie starts her first shift as clinical lead and Lily and Ethan make up, while Cal remains out of the picture. After his wife, Natalie breaks up with him, Fletch goes back in to the resus area hoping Tess would have him back but she refuses knowing what he did to Natalie.

Note: Last appearance of Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher (Alex Walkinshaw)
911 44 "In the Name of Love" Simon Massey Trea Smallacombe 6 July 2014 (2014-07-06) 5.91

Ethan's advice goes on deaf ears as a competitive father partakes in a cross-country race just hours after a car crash, and when the son is admitted after falling off an obstacle the pair find themselves uncovering home truths and secrets. The event organiser, Samantha is also admitted after slipping from a rope on a different obstacles which opens a new love interest for Jeff. And the roof of a house collapses on a pregnant woman and her boyfriend.

Note: First appearance of Samantha Keeler (Michelle Collins)
912 45 "First Impressions" Richard Platt Claire Miller 12 July 2014 (2014-07-12) 4.82
Rita makes a shocking revelation as she phones and demands a divorce from the man who ruined her life outside The Hope and Anchor, but little does she know about the trouble ahead of her. And as a drugs counsellor enlists one of his former addicts help to pull off a carjacking things soon turn sour and the car collides with a van whilst on a police chase. Cal treats one of the carjacking victims, while Tess helps a leukaemia survivor come to realise she isn't yet ready to start a family. Tamzin grows jealous as Jeff and Samantha go on a date.
913 46 "The Love You Take" Richard Platt Kelly Jones 9 August 2014 (2014-08-09) 4.93
Rita is left gobsmacked as her "dead" husband, Mark, arrives at the ED after being badly beaten up in prison, and worse follows as Mark refuses life-saving treatment unless he has a conversation with Rita; which forces Connie to pull Rita out of her interview. The staff are then left stunned themselves as they learn Rita's husband is not only still alive but in prison for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old female. As Cal and Lofty help bring an autistic son and mother closer together, Cal and Ethan continue their game of chess.
914 47 "The Sicilian Defence" Graeme Harper Paul Matthew Thompson 16 August 2014 (2014-08-16) 5.03
Cal and Ethan pull together to work on a fascinating medical mystery involving a male suffering numerous undiagnosed illnesses. Rita helps a patient come to terms with a secret after a male is targeted and run down by a taxi driver, but as the staff continue to struggle to come to terms with Rita's shock revelation Rita decides to turn to alcohol. Tamzin becomes increasingly aggressive over Jeff and Samantha's relationship.
915 48 "A Life Less Lived" Graeme Harper Patrick Homes 23 August 2014 (2014-08-23) 5.00

Zoe feels dissatisfied with life as her fortieth birthday arrives and a check-up provides negative feedback. However Zoe's day is about to get worse when she is offered a four-week holiday form from Connie. However when scaffolding collapses at a builders' yard and a son is crushed beneath the metal poles Zoe once again defies orders and heads out to treat her patients. After returning to the ED Zoe and Connie have a heated argument, and with some wise words from Molly Drover, whom Zoe previously treated with a recurring alcohol problem Zoe sees sense and decides to hand in her resignation form... but this won't stop the doctor from ever returning. Meanwhile, Cal steals Ethan's proposal idea of cost-cutting and blood transfusions but with some help from Lily Cal is soon exposed. Rita's drinking becomes obvious as the staff pick her up on her scent.

Note: Temporary departure of Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker)


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