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Casualty (series 33)

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Casualty (series 33)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes33
Original network
Original release11 August 2018 (2018-08-11) –
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List of Casualty episodes

The thirty-third series of the British medical drama television series Casualty began airing on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 11 August 2018, one week after the end of the previous series. The series will consist of 47 episodes. Lucy Raffety continues her role as series producer, while Simon Harper continues his role as the show's executive producer. Sixteen regular cast members reprised their roles from the previous series. The series, which is billed as "The Year of the Paramedic", begins with a motorway collision stunt sequence, and features a crossover episode with spin-off series, Holby City. Charlotte Salt, Chelsea Halfpenny and Azuka Oforka departed their roles as Sam Nicholls, Alicia Munroe and Louise Tyler during the series, while four actors joined the regular cast.



The thirty-third series of Casualty features a cast of characters working in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital.[1] The majority of the cast from the previous series continue to appear in this series. Amanda Mealing appears as clinical lead and consultant in emergency medicine Connie Beauchamp, while William Beck, George Rainsford and Jaye Griffiths portray consultants Dylan Keogh, Ethan Hardy, and Elle Gardner respectively. Chelsea Halfpenny portrays specialty registrar Alicia Munroe, who later specialises in pediatric emergency medicine. Neet Mohan appears as F1 doctor Rash Masum, while Derek Thompson stars as Charlie Fairhead, the clinical nurse manager, senior charge nurse and emergency nurse practitioner. Cathy Shipton appears as Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, a sister and midwife. Charles Venn portrays senior staff nurse Jacob Masters, while Azuka Oforka features as staff nurse Louise Tyler, who is later promoted to senior staff nurse. Amanda Henderson and Jason Durr play staff nurses Robyn Miller and David Hide. Charlotte Salt, Michael Stevenson and Maddy Hill portray paramedics Sam Nicholls, Iain Dean, and Ruby Spark respectively. Tony Marshall stars as receptionist Noel Garcia. Additionally, four cast members feature on the series in a recurring capacity: Rebecca Ryan features as porter Gemma Dean; Kai Thorne portrays Blake Gardner; Joe Gaminara appears as F1 doctor Eddie McAllister; and Di Botcher plays operational duty manager and paramedic Jan Jenning.[2][3][4]

Shaheen Jafargholi joined the cast as student nurse Marty Kirkby in episode 13.

In the opening episode of the series, Sam is killed off after succumbing to injuries sustained in a motorway collision. Salt, who had returned during the previous series, decided to leave again, but was shocked to discover her character would die. She was glad that her departure was kept hidden and felt it had a greater impact.[5] Gaminara makes his last appearance in episode 3 after pleading guilty to attacking Alicia.[6] Halfpenny opted to leave her role as Alicia in 2018 after deciding to pursue other roles. Alicia departs in episode 20.[7] Oforka also chose to leave her role as Louise, having appeared in the show since series 26. The character's exit was not announced beforehand and Louise leaves in episode 24 after an ongoing financial struggle.[8] Oforka thanked fans for their support on social network Twitter and expressed her delight at working on the drama.[9][10]

On 1 August 2018, Sophie Dainty of Digital Spy reported that former EastEnders actor Shaheen Jafargholi had joined the cast as new nurse, Marty Kirkby.[11] Series producer Lucy Raffety revealed on 15 August 2018 that actress Gabriella Leon would join the show alongside Jafargholi, playing student nurse Jade Lovell.[12] Jade first appears in episode 12, originally broadcast on 3 November 2018, while Marty first appears in episode 13, originally broadcast on 17 November 2018.[13] Raffety also announced plans to introduce new doctors during this series.[12] Genesis Lynea and Jack Nolan were later cast as registrars Archie Hudson and Will Noble.[14] Archie is characterised as "bold, bolshy and extremely confident", while Will is billed as unfazed by Archie's personality.[14] Department troubleshooter Ciaran Coulson (Rick Warden) is introduced in episode 37 as part of the semi-regular cast. He is created as an unlikeable character and rival to Connie, who tries to improve the ED after they fail to meet targets.[15]

The series features several recurring characters and multiple guest stars. It was announced on 21 June 2018 that actress Sharon Gless would reprise her guest role as neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson in the series.[16] Zsa Zsa appears in episode 9.[17] In August, it was confirmed that Ellen Thomas would be playing Jacob's mother Omo Masters from September 2018.[18] Thomas appears in episodes 6 and 8 respectively.[19][20] In February 2019, it was confirmed that Thomas had reprised the role for another stint exploring Jacob's backstory.[21] Episode one features the first appearance of Max Parker as Alasdair "Base" Newman, a drug addict who Iain befriends.[2] Parker reappears from episode five as part of the recurring cast,[22] and departs in episode 22 when his character is killed off.[23] Base's drug dealer, Ross West (Chris Gordon), also appears in the series across five episodes between episode 5 and episode 22. In his final episode, Ross is revealed to be Jan's son.[23] The same storyline also sees the reappearance of DC Kate Wilkinson (Amy Noble) in episode 22, a character who has appeared on-off since series 30.[24]

Belinda Stewart-Wilson rejoins the recurring cast as Ciara Cassidy, Dylan's alcoholic friend, in episode 2, following her appearance in the previous series.[25] Gyuri Sarossy is later introduced as Ciara's husband, Joel Dunns, in episode 5.[26] Both characters depart in episode 14.[27] Accredited actor Clive Wood makes his first appearance as Duffy's "childhood sweetheart", Bill Crowthers, in episode 3.[28] Dainty confirmed that Wood would feature prominently in Duffy's new storyline.[29] Bill's daughter, Rachael Crowthers (Jennifer Hulman), was later introduced, appearing in episodes 7 and 16.[30][31] Rash's childhood friend, Jamila Vani (Sujaya Dasgupta), appears between episode 7 and episode 11.[30][32] Dylan's father, Brian Carroll (Matthew Marsh), appears in episode 9, having last featured in series 30.[29] Gareth David-Lloyd appears as Jade's boss, Joshua Bowers, in episode 12.[33] The character, billed as a "dishy doctor", returns from episode 15 as a love interest for Marty,[34][35] but leaves in episode 20.[36] Actor Paul Barber joined the recurring cast in episode 13 as Ernest Maxwell, a homeless man involved in a storyline with Louise.[37][38] The character is killed-off in episode 23 as the storyline continues, emotionally impacting Louise.[39] Sian Reeves reprised her role as Kim Harrison, the mother of Iain and Gem, in episode 24 and 27.[40] Georgia Hughes joined the recurring cast as Dani Mallison in episode 27 and features in a storyline with Ruby.[41] Harry Gilby also joined the recurring cast as Toby Williams in episode 29 and features in an ongoing story with Will.[42]


The thirty-third series will consist of 47 episodes.[2] Lucy Raffety continues her role as series producer while Simon Harper remains as the executive producer.[43] Kate Oates became the show's senior executive producer from October 2018,[44] and was promoted to Head of Continuing Drama six months later.[45] Raffety's resignation from her position was announced on 16 April 2019.[46] Raffety confirmed that there would be a series 33 in an interview with TVTimes, where she billed the series as the "Year of the Paramedic".[47] In preparation for the series, two new paramedic characters were introduced to the drama.[47]

It was announced on 24 July 2018 that the series would begin on 11 August 2018 with an episode described as "one of [the] biggest episodes in the show's history."[48] It was previously revealed, in May 2018, that the show was filming scenes which would feature a motorway crash and a petrol tanker turning on its side.[49] Sophie Dainty of entertainment website Digital Spy reported that there would be an explosion, which would leave one main character's life "hanging in the balance".[48] An official statement from the show stated that the ED's paramedic crew would "face their darkest day" in the episode.[48] Charlotte Salt, who portrays Sam Nicholls, told Elaine Reilly of What's on TV that the episodes were filmed at night over two weeks with night shoots lasting over 13 hours. On the atmosphere on-set while filming, she commented, "there's a certain buzz in the air..."[50] The episode sees Sam die after suffering a fatal bleed from the crash, which sparks a new story for Iain as he struggles to cope with his grief.[5] A show trailer, released on 12 August, teased "a new era" for the hospital following Sam's death. The trailer previewed Iain's guilt, the appearances of Zsa Zsa and Omo, Eddie facing trial for Alicia's rape, and upsetting scenes for Charlie and Duffy.[4] On 16 November 2018, it was revealed via Casualty's official Instagram page that the show would be receiving a new set of titles.[51] The revamp came into effect from episode 13, which aired on 17 November 2018,[37] replacing the show's former titles, which were introduced back in series 31.[51]


This series features crossover events with Holby City's sister show Casualty.[52] In August 2018, Raffety told Dainty (Digital Spy) that Harper enjoys the crossover events between the two dramas and wanted to produce more. She also teased some "extremely exciting crossovers" within the series.[52] In a December 2018 interview with Dainty, Harper promised further crossovers between Holby City and Casualty, and teased an "exciting" event to be aired in spring 2019.[53] Holby City cast member Alex Walkinshaw (Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher), who appeared in Casualty between 2012 and 2014, makes a crossover appearance in episode 31.[54]

Holby City actor Guy Henry appears in the crossover event as Henrik Hanssen.

On 15 February 2019, it was announced that Casualty would crossover with spin-off series Holby City for two episodes in March as part of the year-long twentieth anniversary celebrations for Holby City. The episodes are billed as "dramatic [and] action-packed".[43] Both episodes were written by Michelle Lipton and directed by Steve Brett.[43] The episodes see the hospital attacked by a cyber-virus, destroying all electric systems. A predominant story in the episodes follows Connie and Holby City character Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) saving the lives of colleagues after two separate major incidents, despite only having one available theatre.[43] Harper described the episode as "pure, nail-biting, taut, emotional medical drama".[43] He also praised the production teams of both shows for their logical creation of the episodes, and looked forward to exploring the interactions between the characters from the two shows.[43]

Nine Casualty cast members - Mealing (Connie Beauchamp), Durr (David Hide), Stevenson (Iain Dean), Ryan (Gem Dean), Mohan (Rash Masum), Jafargholi (Marty Kirkby), Griffiths (Elle Gardner), Marshall (Noel Garcia), and Hill (Ruby Spark) - feature in the Holby City episode of the crossover, originally broadcast on 5 March 2019.[55] The Casualty episode of the crossover, episode 26 of this series, features the Casualty cast alongside twelve Holby City cast members - Marcel (Jac Naylor), Bob Barrett (Sacha Levy), Hugh Quarshie (Ric Griffin), Guy Henry (Henrik Hanssen), Catherine Russell (Serena Campbell), Alex Walkinshaw (Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher), Kaye Wragg (Essie Di Lucca), Jaye Jacobs (Donna Jackson), Marcus Griffiths (Xavier "Xav" Duval), Nic Jackman (Cameron Dunn), Camilla Arfwedson (Zosia Self), and Belinda Owusu (Nicky McKendrick) - and two Holby City guest actors - Francesca Barrett as Beka Levy and Naomi Katiyo as Darla Johnstone.[56]


The drama was nominated in the "Best Soap (Evening)" category at the 2018 Digital Spy Reader Awards; it came in last place with 3.8% of the total votes.[57]


No. in
EpisodeDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateUK viewers
(millions) [58]
10941Episode 1[2]Steve BrettSimon Norman11 August 2018 (2018-08-11)5.83
Iain and Ruby visit Mia, a frequent caller claiming to have overdosed. Iain learns Mia has not taken anything, so leaves with Ruby. The pair are sent to Alicia's house, where they find she has a serious arm injury from being pushed through a window by Eddie. On their way to the hospital, Mia jumps from a bridge causing Iain to swerve and crash. A tanker carrying butane avoids hitting the ambulance, but causes a pile-up on the dual carriageway. Ruby and Alicia are trapped in the ambulance, where Ruby resets Alicia's dislocated elbow. Iain helps treat patients at the scene, while Ruby is sent to the hospital with Mia after being freed from the ambulance. Sam, Jan and Dylan help treat the injured. The tanker explodes just as they get the last remaining casualty out of her car; the force of the explosion causes Sam to slam into the ambulance window. Mia dies and Iain blames himself. At the ambulance station, Sam realises her liver has been nicked by shrapnel and she tries to treat herself. Iain finds Sam and she loses consciousness. He attempts CPR, but Sam dies.
10952Episode 2[3]Steve BrettPatrick Homes18 August 2018 (2018-08-18)5.30
Iain tells Jan that he had the potential to save Mia's life, ultimately preventing the crash and Sam's death. Jan questions Iain over why there was no record of his and Ruby's attendance to Mia's house, before telling him to alter his statement in order to save his career. Iain is wracked with guilt and decides he cannot lie. He hands his statement in, and is suspended by Jan. Dylan is surprised by the return of Ciara, the woman he met at his alcoholics anonymous meeting. Ciara's alcoholic friend is admitted to the ED after going cold turkey, resulting in a dangerous shock to her body system. Dylan learns that Ciara is also struggling with her own alcoholism. Connie raises her concerns with the senior staff of the hospital that targets are not being met.
10963Episode 3[28]Thomas HescottMarissa Lestrade & Steve Bailie25 August 2018 (2018-08-25)5.37
Alicia returns to work earlier than planned and treats a family of five who have been involved in a car crash. She connects with the children in the family as she treats their mother and sister, who is in need of a transplant. Alicia decides she wants to specialise in paediatrics, and informs Connie of her decision. She also goes to courtroom to hear how Eddie pleads to his rape charge; Eddie pleads guilty and Alicia is relieved. Dylan is tasked with clearing out Sam's locker. He brings Jacob along with him and they clean her locker out together. Following his shift, Dylan visits Ciara at her house; the pair share a kiss and Dylan is invited inside. Rash's parents have gone on holiday, giving him the opportunity to invite Gem round for the night. Their evening together is quickly halted however, when his parents abruptly return home after getting the dates wrong on the booking website.
10974Episode 4[59]Thomas HescottJeff Povey1 September 2018 (2018-09-01)5.23
Iain makes a speech at Sam's funeral, but Dylan interrupts and publicly blames Iain for Sam's death. Iain decides he has had enough of Holby, and vows to miss his tribunal hearing and leave for good. When Iain sees Dylan at the hospital, he confronts Dylan and punches him. Jan calms Iain down and helps him see sense, while Dylan later tells Iain he is a good paramedic, encouraging him to attend his hearing. Iain's job is saved, but he continues to hold a grudge against Ruby. Alicia and Ethan treat a young boy and his mother injured by a motorbike. They find unusual bruising on the young boy and work together to uncover what is going on. Jacob and Blake bond as they share fond memories of Sam.
10985Episode 5[60]Judith DineJerome Bucchan-Nelson & Dana Fainaru15 September 2018 (2018-09-15)5.12
Dylan grows concerned for Ciara when she fails to answer any of his calls and goes missing. Ciara later turns up at the ED after getting drunk, and is found in a cubicle by David, who hides her from Dylan. Dylan soon finds Ciara and learns what David has been up to; he berates David for his actions. Dylan later goes to visit Ciara back at her house, but receives a shock when Ciara's husband opens the door and introduces himself. Iain returns to work following his tribunal hearing, and decides to work alone to get away from Ruby. He finds a homeless Base in a carpark, who has gotten himself into trouble with drug dealers in the aftermath of Mia's death in Episode 1093. Iain takes Base back to his house and vows to help him get his life back on track. Ethan visits Alicia at her house and repaints her bedroom to help her overcome her recent rape ordeal.
10996Episode 6[19]Judith DineChris Murray22 September 2018 (2018-09-22)6.00
Dylan tries to avoid Ciara when she arrives at the ED with her husband Joel complaining of abdominal pains, but he later decides to investigate. Dylan learns that Ciara is pregnant, that he is father, and that she is suffering an ectopic pregnancy. Dylan supports Ciara, but she rejects him, so he heads over to the pub and gets drunk. Blake is inspired to look for his grandmother after hearing an anecdote from Jacob about her. He finds Omo running a local church shop, and introduces himself. Elle warns Blake to be careful around Jacob, as she believes Jacob's relationship with Omo is strained. Iain secures Base a place on the rehabilitation course, but as the pair head to the rehabilitation centre in the ambulance, Iain leaves Base alone to get him something from the shop. When Iain returns to the ambulance, Base has run away, and taken a bag of drugs with him.
11007Episode 7[30]Alex JacobJon Sen29 September 2018 (2018-09-29)5.46
Ruby and Iain are placed on another shift together. They attend a hoax call from schoolkids to a block of flats, annoying Iain. They are then called to a car crash involving a pregnant patient. Ruby successfully delivers the baby and Iain apologises to Ruby for being so abrupt towards her. Duffy walks out of a doctor's appointment and is given medication. As she arrives at the ED, she tries to talk to Charlie, but is unable to. She instead confides in Bill Crowthers, a former lover of hers, about how she has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Louise is promoted to band six nursing following a successful interview. Gem and Ruby both secure rooms in Alicia's flat.
11018Episode 8[61]Alex JacobRachel Paterson6 October 2018 (2018-10-06)5.97
Jacob is shocked when the police escort Omo to the ED after she has auditory hallucinations whilst on the bus with Blake. Jacob tells Blake that Omo has schizophrenia, and that he left home when he was younger as a result of it. Elle treats Omo, but as she does, her auditory hallucinations worsen, so she is sedated, leaving Jacob heartbroken. Iain's aggression continues to expose itself as he punches an ambulance window when a drug overdosed patient dies in a park. However, later in their shift, they save a man and his son from crashing their car after the man falls asleep at the wheel. Ruby praises Iain for his actions. Gem and Rash plan to spend the night together, but when Rash is sick after seeing Gem begin to undress, she gets upset and ends their relationship.
11029Episode 9[62]Jordan HoggDana Fainaru13 October 2018 (2018-10-13)5.92
Dylan awakes in his boathouse, drunk. David grows concerned for Dylan when he does not answer any of his calls and has not been seen in a while, so he calls for back-up in his search for Dylan, by bringing Zsa-Zsa back over from the USA to help him. Dylan's father, Brian, arrives at the boathouse and takes Dylan out to a pub. There, Brian tells Dylan he wants to make it up to him and that he has been sober for over one-hundred days. Dylan is unconvinced by Brian's speech and makes him drink alcohol to prove he loves him. Brian then becomes drunk, which leads to a confrontation between the pair when Dylan phones Brian's girlfriend to say he is drinking alcohol again, resulting in her leaving him. Dylan pushes Brian causing him to hit his head on a bench. Brian then fits, forcing Zsa-Zsa to perform emergency surgery on him to save his life. She then takes Dylan back to the hospital, where she plans to take him back to the USA with her, but David dissuades her from doing this. Rash reels from his break-up with Gem. His friend, Jamila, tries to cheer him up by offering to take him to a medics ball with her, to which he accepts.
110310Episode 10[63]Jordan HoggOliver Frampton20 October 2018 (2018-10-20)5.74
Dylan is unamused when Ciara is admitted to the ED again after waking up on the floor surrounded by broken glass. There, Ciara apologises to Dylan for the awkward tensions she has created between them. As Ciara is discharged, she collapses, and admits that it may be the result of her liver. Charlie asks Duffy to work another shift as the nursing team becomes understaffed, despite Duffy having recently worked a night shift. She makes an almost fatal error with a patient which Charlie spots, prompting him to tell her to go. Duffy heads to the pub where she is greeted by Bill, who offers to listen to her troubles. Louise's first day as senior nurse does not go to plan as the Care Quality Commission carry out an inspection following recent poor standards.
110411Episode 11[32]James BryceJason Sutton27 October 2018 (2018-10-27)6.07
Iain and Ruby receive a call-out to a warehouse which has been set alight following an explosion. There, Iain finds Base again, who has been working in a meth lab to pay off his debts. Iain confronts Base at the ED and makes him see the extent of the damage caused. After his shift, Iain struggles with his mental health, as events continue to play on his mind. Duffy wakes up in a hotel room with Bill and is horrified as the realisation that she has cheated on Charlie sinks in. When she meets with Charlie again, Charlie comforts her. Alicia and Ethan plot to reunite Rash and Gem at the medics ball by having Gem attend the ball instead of Alicia. Rash realises he is still in love with Gem, and the pair kiss, as a jealous Jamila watches on.
110512Episode 12[33]James BryceRob Gittins3 November 2018 (2018-11-03)5.73
Louise heads up to the maternity ward of the ED to continue to professionally develop following her promotion. Whilst there, Louise is unimpressed by the sluggishness of student nurse Jade Lovall, who arrives late to her shift before going to sleep on one of the ward beds. Louise works alongside Jade in the hopes to improve her attitude to work. Jade impresses Louise during their shift together, so Louise tells Jade she will ask Charlie if she can join the ED as a nurse. Charlie remains doubtful of Duffy, whose defensiveness over her phone arouses his suspicions. Iain tells Ruby that he is feeling better following last week's events. Once alone, he phones the wellbeing team to seek help over his mental health troubles.
110613Episode 13[37]Julie EdwardsDana Fainaru17 November 2018 (2018-11-17)5.38
Dylan is horrified when he hears Ciara being beaten by Joel over the phone. Dylan requests for an ambulance and the police to attend Ciara and Joel's house, where the two are admitted to the hospital. Robyn finds bruising on Ciara's back and raises her concerns with Connie, who brings a domestic abuse advisor into the hospital to talk to Ciara. Dylan gets frustrated by the time taken to get Ciara away from Joel, so he decides to flee with her, but Joel catches Dylan and Ciara together in the car, and starts to chase them, but soon crashes into a parked car. As Ciara and Dylan look back to see what has happened, a van collides with Dylan's four-wheel drive. New student nurse Marty Kirkby joins the ED and pleases Louise when he correctly suspects a patient of suffering from meningitis. Duffy panics when she catches Charlie answering her phone.
110714Episode 14[27]Julie EdwardsSteve Bailie24 November 2018 (2018-11-24)5.10
Dylan regains consciousness following the crash and begins to look after injured patients. Ciara tries to convince Dylan to flee the scene of the crash with her, but Dylan refuses to. Ciara runs back to her house to pack some belongings, including her passport, before heading over to Dylan's boathouse with her dog. After treatment at the hospital, Dylan returns to his boathouse and Ciara tells him she is leaving the country. She asks him to look after her dog until she has settled down, where he can then move in with her and they can begin their life together. Jade and Marty treat a patient who they both fancy, and decide to see who can get the patient's number first. Jade's determination to win leads her to locking Marty in a store cupboard, where he has an asthma attack, and is later found unconscious by Jade. Louise expresses her disappointment in Jade's actions.
110815Episode 15[64]Eric StylesDana Fainaru1 December 2018 (2018-12-01)5.05
Iain and Ruby treat a teenager who has fallen over whilst running to catch a school bus. Once they have transferred the patient over to the ED, Alicia unearths a more serious underlying problem which is troubling the teenager, and with the teenager's parents constantly arguing, Iain finds himself on the roof of the hospital trying to talk the teenager down. After their shift, Iain and Ruby go out drinking together, where Iain misreads Ruby's signals and kisses her. Duffy is admitted after falling over at home, and when she forgets what happened in the lead up to her fall, she types her symptoms into a diagnostic tool, and self-diagnoses herself with dementia. Marty pretends that Charlotte is his daughter to try and get himself a date with consultant Joshua, who he meets outside the hospital.
110916Episode 16[31]Eric StylesKatie Douglas8 December 2018 (2018-12-08)N/A (<4.72)[a]
Charlie is left speechless when Bill, who is admitted after collapsing, reveals to Charlie that him and Duffy have been seeing each other again, unaware that Charlie is Duffy's husband. Duffy is heartbroken upon realising Charlie knows, and attempts to put things right between them, but is unsuccessful. She also attempts to tell Charlie of her recent memory loss, but is unable to. Alicia learns to trust her instincts when she expresses welfare concerns towards a teenager who is admitted after an accident whilst stealing from a shop. Marty arranges a date with Joshua following encouragement from Jade. Iain takes the day off of work following his awkward attempt to kiss Ruby. Elle stands in as clinical lead while Connie visits Grace.
111017Episode 17[65]Paul RiordanOliver Frampton22 December 2018 (2018-12-22)4.38
111118Episode 18[66]Matthew EvansKatie Douglas5 January 2019 (2019-01-05)N/A (<5.63)[a]
111219Episode 19[67]Matthew EvansJulie Dixon12 January 2019 (2019-01-12)5.25
111320Episode 20[36]Paul RiordanRebecca Wojciechowski19 January 2019 (2019-01-19)5.22
111421Episode 21[68]David Innes EdwardsPete Lawson26 January 2019 (2019-01-26)4.92
111522Episode 22[24]David Innes EdwardsRachel Paterson2 February 2019 (2019-02-02)N/A (<4.90)[a]
111623Episode 23[69]James BryceDebbie Owen9 February 2019 (2019-02-09)4.83
111724Episode 24[70]James BryceChris Murray16 February 2019 (2019-02-16)4.87
111825Episode 25[71]Fiona WaltonSimon Norman23 February 2019 (2019-02-23)4.93
111926Episode 26[56]Steve BrettMichelle Lipton2 March 2019 (2019-03-02)5.91
112027Episode 27[72]Andy NewberyOliver Frampton9 March 2019 (2019-03-09)5.06
112128Episode 28[73]Andy NewberyHamish Wright23 March 2019 (2019-03-23)4.62
112229Episode 29[74]Paul RiordanChris Lindsay and Nick Fisher30 March 2019 (2019-03-30)4.74
112330Episode 30[75]Kate SaxonKim Millar6 April 2019 (2019-04-06)4.74
112431Episode 31[54]Kate SaxonJeff Povey13 April 2019 (2019-04-13)4.43
112532Episode 32[76]Dafydd PalfreyAvril E Russell and Mark Catley20 April 2019 (2019-04-20)4.15
112633Episode 33[77]Paul RiordanBarbara Machin27 April 2019 (2019-04-27)4.11
112734Episode 34[78]Daikin MarshDana Fainaru4 May 2019 (2019-05-04)4.82
112835Episode 35[79]Daikin MarshOliver Frampton11 May 2019 (2019-05-11)4.37
112936Episode 36[80]Eric StylesRob Gittins25 May 2019 (2019-05-25)4.15
113037Episode 37[81]Eric StylesPete Lawson1 June 2019 (2019-06-01)3.98
113138Episode 38Fiona WaltonChris Murray8 June 2019 (2019-06-08)TBD
113239Episode 39Fiona WaltonJohanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope15 June 2019 (2019-06-15)TBD
113340Episode 40Nimer RashedJohanne McAndrew and Claire Miller22 June 2019 (2019-06-22)TBD
113441Episode 41TBATBA29 June 2019 (2019-06-29)TBD


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