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Cat's tongue cookies

A cat's tongue cookie is a type of cookie shaped like a cat's tongue (long and flat)[1][2][3] from the Netherlands. They are sweet and crunchy.[1] In Dutch, this cake is called Katte tong.[4] It is also a popular snack in Indonesia where it is known as Lidah kucing while in the Philippines, it is known as lengua de gato.

Cat's tongue cookies made from dough of wheat flour mixed with butter, powdered sugar, and egg are then baked in the oven until cooked.[4] Additional ingredients may include chocolate, citrus, and spices.[1] They are typically prepared with a ganache, cream or jam filling, and sandwiched together.[1][5] They are sometimes dipped in chocolate as part of their preparation.[5] In France, the cookie is often served with sorbet or ice cream.[5]

A cat's tongue mold pan may be used in their preparation, in which cookie dough is placed and then baked.[1] In French, this pan is known as langue-de-chat.[1] This pan is also used in the preparation of ladyfingers and éclairs.[1] The mold is also referred to as a cat's tongue plaque.[6]

In the Canary Islands, cat's tongue cookies are served with bienmesabe, a dessert dish.[7]

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