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For the Chinese novel by Lao She, see Cat Country (novel).

Cat Country is a country music brand name used for a variety of radio stations in numerous broadcast markets in the United States. Although the cat logo or a cat claw is shared among these stations, most of these radio stations are not associated with each other. The "Cat Country" (sometimes spelled "Kat Country") branding is particularly common among country stations currently or formerly owned by Citadel Broadcasting.

General Theme[edit]

The Cat Country branded radio station uses jargon that usually refers to a cat (or a tiger), such as where the cat lives (in a house), what noise a cat makes (roar or meow), and other words that are related to cats.

See also[edit]

  • Froggy, a similar brand of country created by Forever Broadcasting.
  • KISS-FM, is also a brand of CHR/Pop (Top 40) radio stations, where unless they were under Clear Channel Communications, each individual station is independently operated.
  • The Fox, is also a brand of mainly classic rock radio stations, where unless they were under Clear Channel Communications, each individual station is independently operated.
  • Jack FM and Bob FM, are both a brand of radio stations that play a large variety of music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's.
  • ESPN Radio, is also a brand of radio stations, where they are generally tied to the same set of broadcast programs, but are not all necessarily owned by the same operator. Most local broadcasts of these stations have nothing to do with the national network.

List of "Cat Country" stations[edit]

"Cat Country" Branded Stations
Station Frequency Region Website
KATC-FM 95.1 Colorado Springs, Colorado [1]
KATM-FM 103.3 Modesto, California [2]
KKMV-FM 106.1 Twin Falls, Idaho [3]
KSNR-FM 100.3 Grand Forks, North Dakota [4]
WCTK-FM 98.1 Providence, Rhode Island [5]
WCKT-FM 107.1 Fort Myers, Florida [6]
WCTO-FM 96.1 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania [7]
WJEN-FM 105.3 Killington, Vermont [8]
WKKT-FM 96.9 Charlotte, North Carolina [9]
WKLI-FM 100.9 Albany, New York [10]
WKTT/WXDE 97.5 / 105.9 Salisbury, MD/Lewes, DE [11]
WLCY-FM 106.3 Indiana, Pennsylvania [12]
WPUR-FM 107.3 Atlantic City, New Jersey [13]
WQMT 93.9 Decatur, Tennessee [14]
WYCT 98.7 Pensacola, Florida [15]
"Former station:
Station Frequency Region
KKAT 101.9 (now on 107.5 FM and 860 AM as classic country) Salt Lake City, Utah
WHHY-FM 101.9 (formerly 101.9 Cat Country returned to top 40 as Y102) Montgomery, Alabama
WCAT-FM 106.7 (now on 102.3 as Red Country) Carlisle, Pennsylvania
WRQQ 103.3 (now Classic Hits as "Classic Hits 103-3") Baton Rouge, LA
WKTT 98.1 (formerly at 103.1 until 1993; switched to Adult Contemporary as WLKN Lake 98.1 in 2002) Cleveland, Wisconsin
WTGE 100.7 (dropped Cat Country in favor of Tiger Country when Citadel claimed copyright) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WICT 95.1 (now WWGY Froggy 95) Grove City, Pennsylvania
WZMR 104.9 (format moved to 100.9 FM on WKLI) Altamont, New York